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And this prolonged absence will cause Lawrence's parents to separate with a pregnant rose Lee taking the children to Philadelphia and giving birth to Jacob's brother William in nineteen twenty four a struggling mother of three. Rosalie thought best move to New York City and build a life for young children. She will leave them a foster care. That was a common practice at the time. It would take six years before thirteen-year-old Jacob join her in Harlem. It was a place that some referred to as the spiritual center of Black America Shoemaker. In New the the ICEMAN. Here's Lawrence and conversation with historian Henry Louis Gates Nineteen ninety-five. You knew the minister. You knew these people and you knew a person liked the Probably used to run down the street throwing imaginary hand-grenades he was he was he was a shell. Shock Better World War but the community new communities are took care of them and he was a part of the community. So this is all a part of this community was a sense of longing. I belong to the community. The community belongs to me if they had been paradigm F parliament hidden. Then mouth a Mike. That's Ozzie Davis. Reading one of links and hues this essays toast to Harlem Heaven State of mind. I commented you mind that simple draining. His glass from Central Park. One hundred seventy nine river to river. Holum mind during the nineteen twenties voices like Hughes along with contemporaries county color or no Hurston. Jean toomer catapulted the Harlem community onto the national stage. It's really a a catalyst for what historians called the New Negro Movement historian and civil rights. Professor Kevin Games and the new Negro represented this militant political and social movement with the demands for equality. You had as part of the new Negro movement black nationalism and black nationalism was led by the movement organized by Marcus Garvey who is Jamaican Immigrant. That brought together. African Americans in the south with black people in the Caribbean with migrants from the Caribbean. Repealing desire all over the world kind of Canadians of America for the American of England English Soprano Rental Germany for the Germans do think unreasonably we the black by over there with the man. We represented new it back again to what we do not Black Socialism of African American Socialist and labor leaders like Hubert Harrison and a Philip Randolph. Around one hundred thousand African Americans fought in Europe in World War One or were stationed in Europe in World War. One and they're meeting folks from the French colonies in West Africa. They're meeting Senegalese blacks english-speaking African American intellectuals like Langston Hughes and Jesse Faucet are meeting French speaking black intellectuals and activists blocks who migrated to urban centers like Harlem were more readily able to unify politically and culturally so with the passage of the fifteenth amendment. In eighteen sixty eight African American men could vote and hold elective office throughout the south. There's this tremendous white southern democratic backlash with the political representatives of the former plantation slave owning class. Really trying to thwart African aspirations. It culminates in a movement from roughly eighteen ninety to the early twentieth century in which African American men are barred from voting and the great migration happens at this low point and African American politics while the country was still debating over what it owed newly freed. Slaves southern blacks were confronted with more pragmatic obstacles but Amos Spencer crew were at the National Museum of African American history and culture. And I'm the acting director of this museum. Conditions in the south are getting more difficult for agriculture. There is a flood that takes place in the south at pushes a lot of African Americans who were tenant farmers and sharecroppers off the land. There's also the attack of the Boll Weevil which is tax cut than which is the primary crop.

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