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Take responsibility for one hundred fifty thousand mile car for everything, but she has concerns. Correct. Yes, sir. When the car it was a I let me start. It was a referral from one of my big account wholesale accounts automotive. Yes. Do a lot of business back and forth. We try and take care of each. Each other's customers. Needless to say, they brought it in these are cvt transmissions. Yeah, I can rebuild them. But once they reach a certain point with the police it's cheaper to just buy one from Nissan. And that's actually what we did. Actual factory rebuilt. Transmission from Nissan. I did not touch. It. The warranty is through Nissan one hundred percent. The labor is covered by me. Okay. What we did we installed. The the transmission forum. It took them about a they thought they had an extended warranty turns out they didn't that took him about a week to figure out there. Needless to say installed it. They came picked it up, and she drove it to Omaha believe she said, and then to I wanna stay casper somewhere in Wyoming any rate. Said it was working fine. But on her way back I want she got back into town. It was shuttering and had some issues this where we're going with the transfer case. This was further. Transmission national. Okay. Yeah. But we don't need to go. I mean, we don't we're not questioning whether it needed a transmission, we're not even we're not even there. Here's the deal. She says after spending sixty two hundred dollars it feels like she has the same problems that that's really all. We're talking about Tom yesterday. I know yesterday Wednesday. I believe it was I went on a test drive with her. I wanted to saw I wanted to make sure we're sure. Heard her story changed we're at a stop light year on smoky hill, and we were at a complete dead. Stop and in traffic, and you feel that really. Yep. I do that's your engine. And they put it in writing even notified them. Hey, your tires are almost bald your engine is sputtering runs. Very rough. I told them three times the engine is running rough needless to say I ended up doing a complete. Well, I shouldn't say complete. I did sparkplugs and boots and an alignment because she said that it was pulling to the right? Well us having the frame office possibility. Even though it turned out. It was perfectly aligned. The tire was just had a slow leak it only twelve pounds air. So we aired it up. Alignment didn't charge her a penny for any of that. Okay. So. Okay. Okay. So what do you think what do you think's going on? Well, the car definitely has some miles on it. It's got other engine issues for sure so it's not something you causes what you're saying. No. And I I can read to you offer the invoice that I gave her. You don't have to. I mean. Plumbers automotive who is eight trust. And they doing all their maintenance. That's what they're gonna do. And it's their ivory. And that's what that's what I told her. I told her what she needs to do is I verify that she got what she paid for. Which was the transmission? And then verify that the transfer case was done and that they were done properly. And then if any of the other problems can be traced to what you did then that's one thing. And if they can't she's just got to accept that. She has an older car. In writing that I will cover one hundred percent parts and labor is any of this is caused by something we do you can't ask for anything better than that, sir. Thank you, Gary Gary ever. So owner of budget transmission on Colfax. We appreciate him coming on. Thank you. Judy. What's happening with you? Judy. Yes. I just need some advice. Possibly a lawyer's name in Jefferson County. I have filed times for interrogatory filled out by a deadbeat yet that I have thirty thousand dollars judgment against. The course has turned it down for whatever reason. Obviously, I don't know what I'm doing wrong or whatever. Wait. The judge has turned it down. Well, you know, you turn it in at the desk, or whatever. And then I of course, it takes months for the judge to look at it get it back to and they said you backed up this last time, they did sit back something explains. I'm not sure what you're calling us about you want to know how to do in Toronto stories. I would love to have a warrior that can help you. Do it. Correct. We have someone who can help you. Let's just how about Mark Mark crane? You can we have an attorney that would school you on this. And you just pay him by the hour, and he'll do it or he might prepare them for you. He'll do all the cart services. That's what I'm saying. I would love to have his Georgetown loop railroad invites you to tall tales and Tommy knockers your haunted journey begins with a van ride from devil's gate station in Georgetown to the Lebanon mine once there, you'll be greeted by your host and taken on a tour of the Lebanon mine where the legends of the Tommy knockers and other go stories will come alive to haunt you..

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