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Right yeah i mean that stuff can't help but sick with and their stuff that's not that you know well regarded well known you know like the the work we did with greg weisman on spectacular spiderman i love that stuff right and it's also who you're working with you know it's a great cast there's a show we did years and years and years ago the first shows i was a regular on called weekenders okay you know i don't actually remember any lines from that but i'd certainly remember those characters and the relationships and the actress i worked on that with jason marsden great ally all and cat suzy it was the four of us as these four little kids and that show is not a hit that show is not a cult favorite but it was significant to me because one of my very first and because of those people you know those for those three actors plus doug langdale the creator they were all really amazingly talented people that i learned stuff from and that experience sticks with me because of that you know incredible i mean at all comes down to the writing yeah to the process not the hero or the villain which the other question you get outs fill the time which is more fun the writing yeah excellent that's well done so other than goblins animated you know which is you're working your butt off still working right to get out the rewards for the kicks or the crowdfunding backers.

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