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To who absolutely can guard anyone on the perimeter power forward. That obviously is a good match for Admiral Scofield. The biggest thing is their role players embrace their roles, and I'm not saying Tennessee's. But their role players are totally bodied and champion their roles. I was so impressed with Purdue that I think actually Purdue can upset and beat Tennessee. Alright. So he's got mad painter and company moving on. They are the three seed in action tomorrow the other three seed in action on Thursday. Of course, his Texas Tech. They'll take on number two Michigan. And he liked the red raiders here. Why is going to the final four what starts with Jared? Culver charcoal. Ribes eighteen points a game. Mister, big twelve player. He is a terrific offensive. But you also defensive rebounds his position eighteen points. A game could shoot the three get lane may place. But it's more that exactly what coach period said, right? Montage. They play with a chip not a good defensive team defensive defensive team that h you out of what you're trying to turn you over and crates offense at their defense. And then offensively they've improved significantly when I mean by that is they had an eight game win streak in the big twelve. They averaged ten made threes a game crispy. Great job of empowering his team giving them confidence getting them to believe in themselves. And by growing them offensively. The capital defense. Texas Tech became becomes a very tough out. He's got Texas Tech in the final four. They've never made the final four they lost four of their five starters from year ago, and they're looking for back-to-back elite eight the first time in school history. Plenty on the line Thursday. Friday round of sixteen picking back up. Meanwhile, Alabama making a coaching change this week Avery Johnson. Let go earlier this week. He's now been replaced with Nate oats who south from buffalo earlier on the Paul finebaum show cease alert from the news. I don't know that Nate oats was on was on anyone's list, except obviously Greg burns. Well, he he was certainly talked about a good bit during the MCAA tournament necessarily in connection with Alabama that connection with the five year extension. But he it buffalo. But. He had buffalo in the top twenty five all year. Representative themselves well in the tournament and in the MAC, and so he was considered a hot commodity. But I think what's the contract extension with find people people felt like well, or at least agree to now. Whether it's been fired or not, I guess we'll find out, but people sort of took him off the off the big board. So to speak. Use melkite. Looked at other candidates. So Greg definitely played close to the vest. You can go back and. Burns press conference on Monday. And I would say that the two things that you take out of it are concerned about geography. He was concerned about the best hire available and Beck. And he said he was concerned about the long term and not necessarily making the biggest splash in the press conference. I don't think that made out certainly among basketball media people to follow the season is pretty well regarded higher, but it's not it's not a name. The final four grant. So. You you you could have maybe unless those threats. But he he. Almost everybody today. Nato's led buffalo to three NC double A tournament's had four seasons. What ninety six and forty three overall buffalo lost just five Mack games combined over the past two seasons under oath coaching change of Tennessee as well. Holly Warlick won't return his Tennessee's women's coach b Lockwood. Whatever assistance will take the program over on a temporary basis until there's a permanent successor. She won seventy two percent of her games taking over for Pat summitt in two thousand twelve but never really had to success. They did under Pat summitt straight ahead..

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