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Think about it opted just just out of curiosity just you know anyone. Speaking of the met gala we are. We should talk a little bit about frank. I am yours. But you know frank war prada anorak that's product but it's an anorak to the met gala. You know that's a person who certainly has toys aid with disrupting these kinds of high low things a few days ago. He released the catalog for homer which is a luxury jewelry etc brand. It is not an album. Maybe they'll be at some point but it is not now. There's a stall in a jewelry marked down right on the east side of chinatown and you can make an appointment and go by frank. Ocean designed jewelry. How did this move. Strike you guys as far as the next pivot in the frank ocean as craftsmen narrative. You know you still building the staircase. It's just made out of twenty four karat gold now. I guess why think it seemed quite inevitable that he would do something like this. I mean there was. There have been a lot of rumors over the past couple of years that he would do some kind of project whether it be a fashion brand or like homegoods brand or or something. Something sort of like that. That was a commercial project beyond making music and also he. He's really one of the most fashion fluid and curious wearers of clothing in the world so it also seems like something there. There's a huge audience for end within the catalog. It was announced that he is collaborating with product on another prada nylon anorak. So i think the hope is that whether it's at the met gala this september or in may maybe we see frank ocean another product. I don't know to sort of car back. I said right at the top if you think about the ways over the years that musicians have tried to impose themselves into style in the fashion business often initially through merchandise than maybe through licensing names for lines and certainly in hip hop this at. That's happened a lot in the nineties. To thousands iraq aware sean jones and so forth those incursions always felt like intrusions. They did not feel welcomes. They did not feel embraced. Connie and franker different. I think they're taking relatively seriously. And i wonder if you think that that is a testament to the individual divisions of these two people or of an overall softening of the fashion industry in terms of ood. Perspectives are welcome. Is it something that if feels like. There's going to be ten more people behind. Connie frank potentially making moves of this nature or is it just that these two guys are are kind of just that that.

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