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O R Simone on the voice of New York w. Let's go to Dave in Chicago. Dave, yes. Good morning, Mark. I think that going to the movies was basically a dying are a victim of changing times. But a glaring example of Lyon Wong was the avengers endgame and open to three hundred fifty seven million dollars, which means a lot of people saw the movie repeatedly. And they went to the theaters. Well, that's one franchise that's popular, but you had four hundred movies open at bomb too. So there are did make the money that was supposed to make. So who's the avengers at Disney? I can't remember. I mean, obviously going to be big for one company. But it's, you know, that's that's the exception that proves the rule so wouldn't count on that saving the whole industry. It's go to Ralph and Stanford Ralph oh mister Shimon tortillas that listen, I have a a report from local enfor. Horsemen that the Norwalk mall is going to take all the of all the merchants from the Stanford mall, which is going to close down. And while there's a rumor that uconn university, Connecticut going to buy that Stanford mall. Make it into a dormitory. Yeah. Yeah. Dormitory campus. That's gonna be a big change for Stanford. Yeah. Well, let's be honest. How many people go to that mall anymore? Five or six easily everyday. Yeah. The good thing about that Stanford mall used to be you had to go to the fifth level. Maybe a find a parking space craft thing about the malls. You can park right in the front space anytime nobody there. So that's going to happen though. That's Stanford mall. I think soon become yukons buying it for dormitory. Some people think that may a what happens with a lot of these malls Malta gets sold for offices. You know, these companies like Amazon that need to build an enormous head quick just go by huge mall. If you wanna go operate in Westchester, and you're a big tech by the Westchester mall. It's everything you need for an office building. That's where they build these office buildings. These tech companies, you know, like all in a circle with a big opening in the middle like a mall where they have stuff going on down there. The new Howard Stern book is the master of publicity tours, and promoting some do we believe everything in this book. See now, he says the old Howard Stern. We hates that guy that terrible things. He said to people he comes into my stew. He said the most worst moment was Robin Williams. He feels bad now. But those interviews we asked those those really obnoxious questions. He says he feels terrible about it. Now, we believe all this. He said the worst moment was Robin Williams, and he comes into my studio. And what do I do I go? Hey, I I read your having sex with your nanny, you left, your wife or your nanny or something like that. Now, that's clobbering someone over the head. It doesn't lead to discussion. It was insulting to him. But all I cared about was being the man when you walk off the air that day said, I nailed it got it. Yeah. Yeah. I was clueless. No, no, you gotta remember radio. Everything changed. Everything changes all the time. That was the style back then to be confrontational people. Listen for confrontation yelling. Remember, the Morton Downey junior show, even the radio talk radio Bob grant, get up my phone you. But when he'd hang up, and he cursing screen that was that was the style. But they came a period where people didn't want to hear it anymore work anymore and Howard Stern's very savvy smart broadcaster, he knew in that moment came. That's why we switched became kind of a nice guy with really interesting interviews instead of outrageous outrageous, didn't work anymore. The trend ended. I think a lot of people might be shocked. They were such a Hillary Clinton fanny wanted to support Hillary Clinton, even though he's friends with Donald Trump for so many years he was for Hillary Clinton if Hillary could have come in, and maybe persuaded seventy thousand well, that's the thing. The one thing she wouldn't an interview with him. One time. I agree with I don't blame. Because the old Howard Stern. She knew he begged and begged and begged he was supporting a police come to an interview. But he he knew the first question about oral sex about Monica Lewinsky about all kinds of horrible sexual questions. She wouldn't do it. If Hillary could've come in. And maybe persuaded seventy thousand people out of those millions of people that listen and come off in such a way, maybe we'd be looking at a different scenario. I don't know first of all she has no sense of humor. She's a total stiff she wouldn't have been able to handle the deflect any of the stern stuff. Now, he claims Donald Trump wanted him to speak at the Republican convention. I don't know about that. But the turning point in my relationship with Donald was he did ask me to speak at the convention. And I had to say no and tempted at all well since I was a Hillary supporter for a minute. I thought well I'll go up and endorse Hillary. Great moment. No, I wouldn't do that to Donald do. We buy the story. I don't know. This sounds weird that he Hillary Clinton was such a fake phony old fashioned swamp politician, you don't picture Howard Stern supporting our Donald Trump hands down whenever you put them on the air. Now, this is before he was running for president. He was an open book. He would say anything Donald Trump would come on my show. And and this is why he was great. There was no filter. I go Donald Angelina Jolie. She's one of the most beautiful actresses. She's a six, you know, now who says that, you know, most people if they're having that thought keep that pretty garden not Donald I love Howard Stern, but I'm not buying this whole act here. I think he's calculating that. It's better to be anti-trump right now and say that you were for Hillary. He was very close friends with Trump big Trump fan always had Trump on the show. So I think he's calculating now that it would be better if he's anti-trump and that he's more of a democrat commercially right now, that'd be the best thing for his book and his show. So that's why he's going so anti-trump. Are we supposed to believe he was Hillary supporter? I mean think about it. He's a very practical sort of a guy he's very close to Trump got a close relationship when you want your close friend to be president instead of the woman who won't even take your phone call would you want as president? If your him know, hey, when we come back, a great comedian, Mike Marino will be with us. Very funny guy. We'll get to that next. On seven ten w let's get all the latest news. Here's late Mark five years after Eric garner died on Staten Island. The officer involved in his death faces a departmental trial. At issue is whether officer Dando Ponta, Leo used on authorized show called Ponta, Leo, isn't facing criminal charges. But he could lose his job mayor de Blasios promoting his green new deal with a rally outside Trump Tower the plan calls for skyscrapers to be more environmentally friendly. But some wonder if this is just an effort to raise his profile ahead of a White House run and China retaliating against the US placing tariffs on sixty billion dollars of imports. This after President Trump slap tariffs on Chinese imports. The president warning China that will hurt badly. If it doesn't make a deal. You're next update comes at noon. Breaking news at once start today with Len Berman and Michael Reto in the morning six till ten tomorrow. I'm no one Laden on seven ten W O, R and NBC News Radio station. Linger.

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