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I'm Joe Bartlett. Hiring surged at the end of two thousand eighteen employers added more than three hundred thousand jobs in December three hundred twelve thousand jobs created in December is the biggest monthly gain in ten months and a counterpoint to fears about slower growth, the game was broad-based across several sectors, mainly food and beverage professional and business services and healthcare average, hourly pay rose eleven cents and for the year average, hourly earnings increased eighty four cents the strong report may keep the Federal Reserve on. It's expected course to raise interest rates. That's correspondent Aaron Katersky. The markets are sharply higher in early trading in reaction to that. We'll give you the numbers in just a moment can President Trump and congressional leaders break the stalemate, they'll meet at the White House. Again today is the government shutdown goes to day fourteen. It's not clear what President Trump would accept as a compromise to end this partial government shutdown earlier this week the president contradicted his own vice president and top aides said he would not accept two point five billion for a border wall. That offer was put on the table by Mike Pence over the holidays, Democrats pointed this and say they can't trust the White House in negotiations and slammed the president for what they called a political stunt on Thursday when he invited border patrol officials into the White House briefing room to press his case for a wall. Karen Travers, ABC news. The White House. Suspect has been arrested after shots were fired during an FBI investigation in prospect leverage garden, Brooklyn early this morning agents were investigating illegal money ring to building on maple street near no strain avenue when the shots were fired. No one was injured. How was a five year old boy allowed to wander off from his school in queens? Well, the city's education department would like some answers this was early afternoon yesterday when this boy apparently walked out of kindergarten class and then out of the building a PS eleven on twenty first. Street. Police say the five year old wandered a couple blocks and ended up in a subway station on the platform, someone noticed them alone. And then called police in the mother now the school doors are supposed to be locked at the time the boy left the department of education calls us, a serious incident and says it'll be investigating. I'm Scott Pringle for seven ten double the OR mayor de Blasio expected to offer details later today about that fair fair program. One hundred billion dollar plan was supposed to launch a New Year's day. It will give discounted metro cards for low income New Yorkers a state worker suing New Jersey. She says she was raped and that her complaints were ignored. Katie Brennan has filed a notice of claim to sue the state of New Jersey after her sexual assault allegations fell on deaf ears. Brennan was Murphy campaign, volunteer when she claims Alvarez raped her after a gathering of campaign staffers in April twenty seventeen Alvarez rose from campaign staffer to chief of staff at the schools development authority. Well, Brennan tried and failed to pursue criminal charges. And then shared her allegation with administration officials. The Wall Street Journal reports nine people are named in the suit, including the governor and attorney general Alliston Rosie needs seven ten wwl news brought to you by Dr Lieberman's.

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