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Darius. Slayton evan ingram secondaries grey thing room. Probably not playing yeah. It's true secondary very very good. Logan ryan dorie jackson bradberry. That's a good secondary peppered julius peppers. It's a great secondary. So i mean i feel like i've got a handle on this and i'm not just blow in giants blue smoker. Everybody's but i feel like i have a real feel for it. I feel the giants thing about it is dak prescott stays healthy last year that the cowboys run away with that division. Now they got a break run away with it. Yeah you know. They think about the giants and the quarterbacks that were in the division last year. What were the cowboys went. Dak prescott got her. What was their record. I think it was one in something. And that one was that falcons game where they basically gave it away on that onside kick me number one in three months old. So who took place was Gilbert or whatever the heck nucci bendaoud she knows andy dalton here for a while. It was in there for a while. I mean they don't think about the thing about the wash football team but they were gone through about what the eagles were going through a carson wentz and jalen hurts and all that other stuff and the giants still didn't win the division last year. I know but there were also a really bad football team going into the year. All i know is that denver's got pass rushers. That's that's the thing that's the thing. That probably is what is so two things in this game or keeping this over under at such a low number. One is the pass rush for the denver. Broncos against the offensive line of the giants and the other is teddy bridgewater playing quarterback for denver in his first game as a denver bronco quarter. Yeah so those are the two things to me. That are pushing. This number down georgia's in stamford. What's going on. George adapted georgia. Hey i gotta agree with al dukes on this one i watched. I know it's preseason. I watched the film on denver. All free not the all twenty two but the regular film. Y'all he's right. I mean with no saquon barkley to help out there. While we don't know if he's healthy and with that be line and boomer they played vanilla man press or whatever man yup straight man in the secondary all them Three games and they murder the other team including seeing the ego and They run that i believe. It's that zone. Stretch run scheme and they ran all over the three teams they played. It was kind of a joke. I think al totally right honor percent. I think the giants are for a real rough day especially at that defense giant defense on the field all day..

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