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I'm Dave Packer. A multi state manhunt has ended yesterday. We got a break. Yesterday he ran across. He was seen running across Highway nine. The suspect in at least four murders across South Carolina and Missouri now in custody. Chester County, South Carolina Sheriff Max Dorsey says Tyler Terry was out of options. I believe he was certainly ready to run, but he was just he was surrounded. And he had nowhere to go. No shots fired Is Terry was apprehended as Corona virus infection rates fall, the nation's largest school district will see the end of the zoom class in September. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio see public schools will fully reopened in September. Every single child I'll be back in the classroom on the heels of New York, announcing full time on campus learning will resume this fall. Now, Los Angeles is saying the same in the fall L. A schools will be full day, five days a week. Superintendent Austin Buechner indicates a school day will not be totally normal. We expect students and staff will continue wear masks until more Children have been vaccinated. L A will also offer online virtual learning for students whose parents decide it's not yet safe for them to return in the fall. Alex Stone, ABC News Los Stangeland. Covert infection rates have fallen as vaccination rates have gone up, health experts saying of 70% of Americans get vaccinated, We can get back to normal Ohio, joining states offering a lottery to convince those on the fence about getting the Japs Since the announcement of the prize, the State Health Department says there's been a 53% increase in vaccinations. Potentially rare heart enlargement condition has been observed in a handful of Israelis who've received a covert 19 vaccine. But, says Dr Richard Besser, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, From my perspective, the risk of cove It is so much greater than any theoretical risk from the vaccine. I would say, go ahead so we can get our lives back to what we want them to be. Health experts say that condition can also happen on those who get covert 19. You're listening to ABC news. California's capital city. This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. I'm John Berman. Isaiah 10 02 with your top local stories. California Public health officials vow they will lift covert 19 restrictions on June 15th. Here's Governor Newsome, Special adviser Deedee Myers on what businesses can look forward to next announced a new set of tools for employers to both connect them with community partners who are back sitting but also to provide mobile pop up. Actually inside at work places, Meyer says. Easing the economic restrictions does increase the risk that more people will get Cove it. But the best way to reduce that risk is by vaccinating more people now and after June 15th as well a Stockton civic leaders facing child sex abuse charges. Sami Nunez is the founder of the Fathers and Families of San Joaquin, now nonprofit sheriff's office jail log shows he was arrested on a warrant relating to continuous sexual abuse of a child under 10. Nunez is now in the San Joaquin County jail and is due in court Tuesday. The nonprofit published a statement saying he is no longer employed with them and volunteers are cleaning up after a resource center for people with down syndrome was vandalized over the weekend. Gigi's Playhouse. Sacramento was defaced less than a week after its grand opening when somebody wrote Hate speech on three large window images. The center in Roseville is 100%. Funded by donations and mostly run by volunteers. The Playhouse provides free therapeutic and educational programs for people of all ages Managing Down syndrome. Traffic and weather together. Here's Brian Nobles looking pretty good. As far as any accidents on our freeways. All of those either gone or in the final clearing stages, just little slowing remaining west on I 80 justice you hand out across the causeway brief spot of a north bound by five. Around the curve and highway 99 if you headed toward the airport, trapped on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the cap trust traffic center news 93.1 kfbk. Mostly sunny today and warm this afternoon with a high of 85 to 89, then mainly clear tonight, little over 54 to 58.

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