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Transported through pipelines. There are quality standards related to oil and anderson. Hauser works in oil and gas with lots of liquids but spectra centers equipment is all gas and we do also work in ellen g applications which is a liquid but it's -sidered be part of the gas side of the industry and we do compositional measurements in ellen g but on the oil side we do a lot of level pressure and flow measurements to keep. There's a huge safety topic behind that as well absolutely absolutely this and as we always say anderson hauser is your reliable source for all these sorts of things so us specifically are natural gas and lng and then of course there. Anderson house has applications for the other liquids it. We're talking about correct going all right. Hey russ me break in their fellow second essentially just want to talk about the acquisition of spectra sensors in twenty twelve session. We know that there were a leading global provider of laser based process instrumentation. We knew about the jpl. And you know we want to be utilized that technology in our portfolio and anderson hauser is widely known in many industries for being a provider in flow meters in pressure sensors temperatures level and one of the thing that makes his great is the investment in rnd so the rnd has specialized not only in the measurement a fluids of of contaminants but also in the way that human interfaces with the technology. So the pro. Mouse uses a proline transmitter. Which was then adopted to the j. Twenty two so swatted. Add that in there that not only do we have the powerhouse. Laser based technology spectra sensors provided a we combined with the anderson hauser proline transmitters so we're able to magnify that human machine interface with this technology. So let's get stuff. So spectrum sensor was in their technology and all this was acquired by anderson hauser correct southern company acquired in twenty twelve and essentially has been part of anderson hauser guests. This has been very interesting anything else. You wanna add before we start signing off here. That's me asking questions. I don't know the answer to i. Guess the thing that i would add. Is we talked. Mostly about the j. twenty two in moisture. And thank you allen for jumping in because that was a really good point that we are taking advantage of a third-generation controller that we wouldn't have been able to do as quickly ourselves and now we've got the benefit of our technology in the benefit of the proline but we also do h two us in oxygen measurement nco measurement in the same applications in. They're all equally important to do those measurements for gas quality control for the same reasons. It's all about corrosion protection in public safety and asset protection absolutely absolutely especially age to assets. That's deadly stuff. All right well gentlemen again. I appreciate you coming on the show. As i said has been very interesting as i also said we'll be sure to include your linked in contact information in the show notes so anyone listening can contact either of you directly for even more details and i wanna thank everyone for listening and again remind you this. Podcast would not be possible if it were not far sponsor anderson hauser. Please tell them. Thank you for sponsoring the show by going to our. Og anderson hauser website. Which you can find a linked to the show notes and register for our monthly giveaway. There also follow us on linked in and twitter net contact info. You can find. It showed finally and confined in a show my linked in contact info. Or you can message may please let me know what you're enjoying about show and suggestions for content. You might like to hear. Also if you're looking for a speaker for conference or meeting you can contact me about having one from our og jian speakers bureau including mark liqueur and yours truly please tune in again next week for another episode of interest in houses oil and gas hse podcast to production of the oil and gas global network. Innocent houser is reliable. Us-based partner for measurement instrumentation services solutions. We are your people for process automation. Please leave us a review on. I tunes like us own link in and use all of your social networking to tell your friends about us and we'll see you next time ex. Russell hey everybody it's vanna from obgyn and here are the events on deck for may twenty twenty one this month. He had four events. But if you'd like the full list you can click the link in the show not to sign up for our online event newsletter. We send it out every month and includes more info about the events. Talk about here. 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