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We're gonna kick their that's so and so player he's he's mediocre just in, in in the. Coaches at Texas or anything like that they, love that hey Joey did you see. What number eighty two said, about you and so? If I didn't have that if, I didn't have, a rival, speaking out on the press saying oh I saw him strong, last, week he looked average he. He looked he, looked looked like he's past his best six if I didn't have that which I did plenty of times that? I'd make it up I'd go read, some article. Eight even if they. Got anywhere near it I'd say that can you believe that he said. That I just make, it, up in the next day I'd go out and train and I mean it. Would, be the only thing on my mind now it sounds a little toxic but The made me write. Harder Mamie train. Harder made me hustle and maybe I did bring a bit annoyed brought an American mentality to the sport but maybe, it growing up, a football fan and a major professional sports fan maybe I brought a bit of, that Sure sport which which was so traditional that they didn't, they didn't want that it's a little bit. The way, tiger changed, golf you know I'm not saying he brought that arrogance although you know he he was confidently nobody else but, he made a sport where it had been considered a game kind of gentleman's? Game and it just injected this. Entirely different, attitude and I. You know I think a lot of people think that you do that for cycling, for the better some for the worst but do you think you could have. Won any tour de France without doping It depends what what the other one hundred and ninety. Nine we're doing well considering what was actually happening at the time considering the.

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