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On the KNBR, Northern California Honda dealers, radio networks John Miller Flip between Piper, Let me come things out here on KNBR knbr. To bond the hitter and the Giants in a 11 time by a stone on the mountain. Here's Day Flynn John first pitch from buys his fastball that rides high bond takes it. Mauricio du Bon, Brandon Crawford, Tyler Heinemann, the bottom part of the Order Chance have some weapons available on the bench will see. Gabe Kapler manages this seventh inning of a tie game 1212 pitch. Bonds, swings at a slider and hits a foul off to the right. Well. Rabban has not had great at bats tonight and that swing right there was indicative of some of his swings. He's ahead in the count, want to know? And he just chased a breaking ball off the outside. Pedro Baez has really good stuff. But that is not a pitch that du Bon wanted to swing in. Here's the 11 Duvan hits this one on the ground toward first, but Erol's foul by first base, Max Muncy. Is playing. He'll go chase after no, No, what we call ball dudes down the lines during a pandemic time. So the players are going to do a little extra work in that regard. Dave. I should mention after this happening. It will be the seventh inning stretch sponsored by Dignity. Health. Hello, human kindness. First things first, the Giants trying to rally here in a tie game 12112 the count to do bond by his pitches. Do Bon hits a foul got fast ball over the outside. Took a rip at it. Dodgers left hander Adam Cole Eric Up in their bullpen, and he's a guy who's really been a lefty specialist type. We'll see how Dave Roberts wants to use him. He's been very good at that. But he has not been a pitcher who has had much success against right handed hitters. The pitch is in the dirt from bias. Two and two. It could be. Dave Roberts would target somebody like Mike. It's Trump's Keep for Alaric and try Tohave caloric face him with two outs. So that he could get a matchup. He likes finishing inning and then you Khun, then the three batter Minimum rule is out the window. Lancelot nuances to this new rule. We'll see how they play out during this season. Here's a swing and a Miss Duvan goes down second time he has struck out in this game kind of hanging slider. Recio du Bon. Just could not connect one out. Up comes Brandon Crawford 1212 Score in L. A. Dave Roberts is coming out, so he's going to make a pitching change and kill. Eric is going to be asked to face Crawford and this is definitely a spot where we could see Donovan Solano, for instance, off the bench. Against a lefty and what I would think at that point Jax would feel like would be a pretty good match up. We'll see how Kappler wants to play. When it's time for a change. Think speedy oil change an auto service. Your trusted oil changed tune up. And break experts. We're going to do this all season long where we're highlighting not just people, but groups who have done good work in support of the fight against covert 19. And tonight we're honoring fanatics, a giant's corporate partner as they've stepped up to help during the covert 19 pandemic fanatics, the company that manufactures the official uniforms for MLB. Use the raw materials from Major league baseball jerseys to create masks and hospital gowns. But it seemed that story that was fairly early in the pandemic. They acted quickly when we really, really needed that stuff. Halted Jersey Assembly and use their 360,000 square foot manufacturing plant create over one million masks and gowns. Well done. Giants would like to give fanatics a fog fog horn salute for their work in the community and literally were giving him a foghorn salute. Thank you for a job. Well done so we could only do that because we're doing these road games from Oracle Park in San Francisco way wouldn't have that fog going if we were in L. A. It's really hard to travel. The fog D. C could do it, of course, but things are too packed. Little little extra work for him, but That's a problem. That's a next year Project for D C. Assuming were sort of back to normal and we'll be travelling. If we keep doing our foghorn salutes A D. C. We're gonna need that on the road next year. That is a A good project for D. C. Who, By the way, Karen Chan has done a terrific work on our behalf to get this whole thing set up tonight. Hasn't been the smoothest ride entirely out of the hands of Darren Chan. But he has worked very hard to get are set up in place so that we could do these games. Even While not traveling with the Giants. Is not easy. A lot of technical know how has gone into it. So caloric is taking over and it looks to me like the Giants are indeed making a swap at the plate. Donovan Solano, who That's such a great year hit 3 30 last year destroyed left handed pitching. And he's going to face Kal Eric in a tie game 1 to 1 first pitch to Solano. He swings at it and grounds one to the hole. It short backhanded by Seeger and his throat first. Is there in time to get Solano. So that's that the Giants Get a match up. I'm sure they liked and Solano was too quick. He was out in front just hit a soft ground ball. Two down..

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