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Proxy war in syria and hillary clinton promised them this that'll walk donald trump and guess what he'd like to try to negotiate preferred day todd over over thermonuclear war you know allusions about the russians who are really the problem here about he you'd like to try his hand it diplomacy and pieces of postwar therefore we have to make up this ridiculous narrative about russia to discredit it that's what they're really upset about he's not soft on russia you'd like to negotiate before we start lobbying bombs vets uh uh you know i think that's noble but not to the neocon they they like war they want it now uh it it it's really extraordinary tree worst mccarthyism if you're not for war with syria while you must be a traitor to your credit for you know i i had relatives mowed down by soviet tanks in budapest in nineteen fifty six i got into power because of the anticommunism barry goldwater while reagan to confuse me of being a bed with the russians is starting in so i ate their system and everything about it but i'm not for war if we can have peace under some reasonable terms what when and that's where where ronald reagan was an he didn't believe in it in these infrequent military incursions interventions it was peace through strength renew the american economy and would be stronger and more powerful on the world stage and asserting america's interest when necessary because the people back home would be happier that was the whole point like peace through strength strength at home of course we need a strong military but now it's all reversed well and and in the meantime even i think more seriously there is a foreign power that is deeply involved in our presidential campaign whose officials are or without dispute meeting with john podesta meeting with the clinton campaign uh and that of course you crave ukraine that is now selling missile technology to north korea though ukrainian uh but we don't see any investigation of that we don't see a a a broad examination of that lease straight ahead in the investigative reporter is done extraordinary work demonstrating have ukrainians were tried to intervene in our election intellect hillary um i n no no is rewarding now is reportedly is nobody else it get it gets very little pick up uh in.

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