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Good joke now. By the way. I did not put salt in. These proudly say they'll promise you let's get down to the brass tacks here to. Yes what steve rallies problem that. He couldn't be at work all time. That's a big dude. Big strong dude. He had to do it from home. They just decided certain. People got home studios. Yeah it was it was no oh they just you know it was you. Come in you stay home. You come in you i you know. I don't know what the rhyme or reason was. I was glad. I went in. Because i just wanted to see somebody you know to. I hate were. I mean if i had to i would do it like no if i move to another state or something at work from home in like with something like this is going to be with each other a couple times where we tried to do. A at home doesn't work. Yeah i mean i can have of. It is collaborating in the same spot to see each other's expressions and kristen hartman is here from channel nine. We haven't seen in over a year and the last time i saw her saw her out somewhere. We were carrying out of that bar that she was smashed up. This story gets worse and worse every time it was for ten twenty seven day. Remember remember twenty seven day. Yeah bound to seven day stern Cancer remember that you guys were doing a really kind of thing. Favorite causes so yeah. I love the fact that i have a theme song by not like when we see you walk so slow motion. Yeah it's like it's like going out. There is a glow around. You breeze a character disney princess ana or whoever was the one that is that china. Godsey shoot out of you slow. But that's funny so kristin harmon from channel nine is here. She's always on television. Taste like the first ten minutes letter. Come out and play for a little in the last ten minutes dot. Isn't it great to see people in person i. I haven't seen you guys know. I know you were on a year. And i asked you a few times if he wanted to come in during that year and he said how they will let me they will let me talk. Honestly have people in here because we we still can't have guests in our building. We cannot go. no we're we're we did any. I mean some of them yeah. It took a while everything backup. When did you guys get to have people here. The attorney that comes in on say stewart w penrose came throughout the whole thing. So yeah yeah. So we went on with life fits regular. Because i didn't wanna come on talking about for the whole thing. How scary it is and all that stuff. When they're people that listen to us were still working. Well yeah lots of beautiful. Real men. didn't stop working. Men stayed home and took on radio. So how'd you like the cookies guys. They're good yeah. I'm waiting to go to. I won't break so i get another round. I'm already seeing colors. Chris harman inner acid cookies. Grandma would be very upset with you. Know that's how she she lives. He lives this law. How'd you live this long. Grandma dropping acid grabby heineken. You still she still can do a decent polka can. Yes she can then. Yes wow does she drink or smoking. Now wow okay. No no she. She has a very. She's very strict about as oatmeal every day. Oranges everyday bacon. Nope no no bacon perot as though she eats. Why would you wanna live a hundred years without eating. I wanna eat strictly. How on earth father's day at my house was great. I woke up happy. Father was wonderful. I woke up. I went got my wife coffee. Have you father's day get moment. And then what else did i do. Oh they They wanted to go out to eat at display going to say where but we went because they wanted to go there. Let's see what else did did we do. I did you call no. I took my kids at a pool. I watch him so that's fun. Yeah my wife. My wife wanted her to take a nap. She usually naps on because she did a bungee. I work so i took okay so so you skipped over that she did a bunch of yard work. did you join her. Doing the artwork. No why would he do that. Look at him but he ran and got coffee coffee. Every every day for the poor. I did go to the pool by sat there and listened to anthrax not and yeah no really anthrax at the pool when you meditate near when i'm at home and i'm working on stuff or whatever i just want to you know the chill i like a little enya with the sounds of kids screaming so awesome sir and you would agree. Yes that's why she has no kids and a castle. A castle does keep everybody away with a moat jazz mode around. It ended up girl. She didn't have covert right. Probably socially distanced since the nineties. Well chris oh you're gonna tell me about this event yes doug you like a date. Well you put it out there. Western southern w. e. b. and fireworks is returning to the river. Okay and you have not felt that experience yet. I have been there. Yeah okay. you're one of the smarter. Ones but september fifth. It's happening down there. And i'm sure it's going to be a muggy day since we're already feeling it but the look it all reality. This is exciting. Because last year it was historic. We never had that happened before the year before it was it was weird because we had like a mr a fog and it was hard to see the fireworks. I don't know yeah i was. I could see him okay. Where i was not a good location. Well sorry It's a but we are having a two night kickoff party. Okay at the brand new. Promo west pavilion at ovation. Okay now that is happening. it's two nights. keep in mind. This is the kickoff party. And i'm going to invite you. I'll put you on okay. You be my plus. One sept excited heading september third with your favorite band theory of a dead man. Okay and ten years okay and ten years. Yes right okay. The second night. It's going to be a true and non-point okay. Okay okay now you probably get you in for both. I'll try plus one okay but both shows go on sale friday very limited ten dollar tickets ten dollars twenty days. That's amazing that's a limited okay. So limited The thing doesn't say take per dollar. We could probably get you some free. We can work that out more baked goods. Yeah okay next time like connoisseurs. So i will be there okay. Cool i will be there. We could introduce a theory of a dead man. Hi everybody. I'm kris jenner. Here's what syria dad man..

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