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Some doubt in terms of will raise rates and things one. It all depends on what the August the wage growth is it that stays muted again, and maybe that questions, what the fed action is to not forget. The fit is a political animal, regardless of the try not to be a political animal Trump did appoint Powell and we do have very critical, midterm elections coming up November. So is it possible that the fed goes on, goes on, pause in September, but then fulfils its three height mandate in December. That's a possibility. The other angle with the fed is what's their language regarding potential fourth hike in September, and that's going to have a big impact on the market. So does the fed say, hey, we're done in September, or do they say, well, maybe we're leaning towards the fourth hike in December, right? Those are all the critical factor that kind of back and forth. And I'm sure we will stinging of being on a pause, Elon Musk tweeting on Tuesday saying, maybe it's time you take a pause as a public company, maybe take the company private. I mean. This has been obviously one of our big stories this week and it continues to turn, up on the Bloomberg, terminal is among the most read stories every. Day because there is something new, every day the headline we got today tesla saying it's it's looking to seek a wider investor pool for possible, plan to take the company. Private kind of spread it around where are you, on tests, that you guys, have view so a lot of the company but. Hate the stock. From a valuation standpoint very love the company are lovey LAN the car I wish Moscow, take the path that Steve Jobs used to do when he. Was when he was yelling, when, he's alive and CO, apple and that should, get, off the calls the ad in the public eye, and? Be the person that you are which is an innovator something that. We haven't seen in Jenner in in in in many years, you know mosque is a quivalent, is considered equivalent to this is this generation Thomas Edison so, this massive key mannerist with. Tesla not Only as a company hemorrhaging task in a very capital intensive business but many, people own the stock simply because they can't get an infatuated with Yvonne mosque and he jeopardized he's steak as, a CEO of the, company because he tweeted out you know information that was before we went, to the, SEC the board may be forced to make him step down the company and. That was really bad news for the, stock How we'll have to see what happens with that I should point out. Tesla shares a, little bit higher in today's session and it is still up two, percent for, the week despite kind of the back and forth. Jumper treaties thank you managing director portfolio manager coin t- wealth management, joining us on the phone from summit New.

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