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This case is cleared and the video speaks for itself. This case is about the willful in one actions of officers driving these vehicles without any regard for our community. A marked police van it is unmarked police SUV will responding to a call for service. This was not a police pursuit. This was not a response to an active shooter. This was a call for service. Both vehicles were traveling at high speeds when they approached the intersection of division, Laremy, what happened next was unimaginable. Mom's day today, because of poor policies within Chicago police department. She's dead. Because there is a lack of proper training when it comes to police, and how they. Recklessly driving through communities. And the suit the family contends that guns death was the direct result of the officer's decision to race at high speeds through the densely populated neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. The police department has not commented on the lawsuits. Federal workplace safety agency says engineers did know about extensive cracking failed to order to close a street and shore up the bridge before it collapsed and killed six people at a Miami university last year, the US, occupational safety and health administration concluded the size of the cracks warranted the street to be shut down immediately. Investigators say the bridge crack because of deficient design. They blamed independent inspectors for not instructing Florida, international university to stop traffic. The findings were first reported yesterday in the Miami Herald. It includes emails and text messages from construction workers alerting supervisors of cracks, the same agency last year..

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