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Beat the best go player in the world. Which isn't quantum by the way and then how that might become quantum and how it could lead to even really whipping the guys but even quicker and then as you throw in the book. Yeah and by the way. Google totally realizes this and they're building their only on their own quantum computer and they're like what thirty eight cubit or something you said when we get to three hundred like game over for any encryption there at thirty eight and then break that down for us to in terms of what that means. Because that's like already bigger than like if you put all the super computers in the world in a room you'd be bigger than that at solving some problems. So there's a lot unravel their please. Yeah absolutely so the point. I was making about the three hundred. Is that tutor. The three hundred. It's hard for people. Magin how big the the power of exponential to the three hundred is more particles in the known universe. Okay so even if you had every particle the universe to be a computer that was working on solving the problem they would all have to work together. Even though there's you know thirty three billion light years away from each other working together to solve it wrong. So quantum computing cheats. It has two to three hundred states. Sort of like a doctor who's time machine. You know where it's got this much bigger space behind it then. It looks like from looking at the phone booth right. So quantum computing his like that essentially. It's using all of these states out there and we would say physicists would say well those mathematical no they're real because they can come huge and one if humans tap into that state space and do things that we didn't expect them to do right. So that's how it connects those two things. Well and i think you know the main thrust of your book is that humans already do connect and that are miss understanding has been that we don't connect and that we've adopted a model for how human consciousness works that is conveniently or intentionally dumbed down in order to kind of push certain ideas but i want a return to the alpha. Go thing because. I think it's a great a great example. It's like i. If you're like me. I i like to play Online chess occasionally. And i'm really not very good at it at all but one of the things that always gives me is a reminder as one as a kid in pakistan who's twelve years old kicked my butt or as the computer if i ever turned it on full speed just destroys me that you know my level of kind of cognitive processing of that level you know. It's kind of narrow but is just. It's humbling right. It's okay i get it..

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