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This to maine and i want to get your thoughts on this but i interpret this to me that the special meeting at five thirty this afternoon with the president that the the president is concerned about these children that are here and that were here from the very very beginning so how do you feel about that do you feel the same way about that as you do about the rest of it as you just stated to me or do you feel how evidently president trump fields and that it it looks like he is concerned about those a special special children they call dreamers and that he is seeking to clarify his support this is what it says here i just got it seeking to clarify his support for a newly released gop bill shielding dreamers from deportation he doesn't want them deported the dreamers to stay here would you go along this is how i interpret this from the president just released five thirty this afternoon we'll know so give me a call one eight eight eight five seven four two seven to three fox on machine learning is continuing to improve machine learning is basically a way for a computer to perform a task without a specific instruction the computer will then learn or improve at the skill google's deep mind just learned how to predict the layout of a room from a few snapshots and even accurately predict what the rest of the environment will look like the research even says the artificial intelligence who's able to predict maze with just some information it works like this the system is given a pair of images of virtual three d scene from different spots in the area and a separate network predicts what the entire room will look like and other aspects of the space as computers have gotten more powerful they have the ability to process massive amounts of data at machine learning and the computer can perform the task of picking out patterns and wiggling the data down to a few answers nasa has even used google's deep mind to comb through massive amounts of research to help in our hunt for new planets with fox on tech i'm brett larson fox news he's the brad davis radio show mornings on.

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