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Dr times poured sows won a sprinkle in non broncos stuff when i can uh paul millsap did not fractures ran last night all right more broncos stuff i thought you know i wish in that he did as a way little literally was add right now uh so i thought 'why not play a little bit of a a game here in also i'm help finally once and for all and the fingerpointing this is uh this is the broncos blame game hit it well i am your host ryan kaufman today our contestants are crisp raided an wheels we don't need to know anything about them and you're already know that i'm a man formerly known as chris brayden okay whatever uh but he just the symbol now yeah exactly i'm working on that the way this game works i say something about why the broncos saarc you tell me whose fault it is wind will start with you man formerly known as chris brayden okay the broncos offense of points per game has dropped from second in 2014 to 19th and 20th teen to 22nd in 2016 to 24th this season who is the blame for the broncos not being able to score points uh oh my gosh there's so many for a john away he picked the wrong guy us one thing that i forgot to do was added buzzer and i.

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