Merrill Strip, President Trump, Joy Bay discussed on Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood


Time and when they d be happy is ertz and beat most all puppies i've been around a pretty happy i was i was perfectly happy not watching the goal about but when i woke up and i saw the poop storm around merrill st i i when watch which is then i go okay lady who plays and that wanted to say that it's not nice to make fun of this able be but i what you're right okay let me go on what would my dick i never once thought to myself well that's important and i mean no fence to mel st my wife's in actress merrill strip isn't a excellent actress and she seems like a nice lady i have nothing negative zero negative feelings and i just it let's not get ourselves it's a lady who makes a lot of money playing pretend talking about something the president did a couple months ago and and i turned my tv and i see that because i also don't want to be you because my we know works i saw that this lady this is one of the newer como some of you and i want to be very clear from a broadcasting standpoint i've tremendous respect for joy bay our and will be and and of course barbara walters who i think envisioned a whole different show and what the view has become the most the ladies up there really smart in thought forward i just don't like when everyone yells over each other it doesn't make for pleasing television show but one of the newer co hosts gonna get hurt she is wacky anyway she said look i yeah i don't like when people are silence from expressing their opinion because they think that they're going to catch a lotta kate and she's right and so what she knew she says i don't like mel streams speech maybe one change channel i don't wanna hear politics and the word show.

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