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Of this report being publicized has the media reported on this legitimate study has Dr phony follow G. the amount of the file she stated anything about this no why because it doesn't fit their narrative it doesn't fit their end game remember to the answer to them the end justifies the means and if the M. means they can make trump look bad take down president trump even though Hydroxycut work when may very well benefit Chinese one virus patients they don't care they would rather keep it quiet because number one the end justifies their means they want to get rid of trump and let's not forget Dr phony found she has a vested interest whether it is by getting continuous funding or continual funding by some of the the farmer groups that are working on a vaccine whether it is his name on some sort of treatment getting a patent meaning he gets some cash charging as part of that there's always an end game follow the money and what I tell you about the cocktail of hydroxy Cork when which is generic medication is it for my sentencing generic all cheap twenty Bucks big farmers not making billions of dollars on those medications Dr fox your any other researchers not making big Bucks big Bucks and what we say by the way about remiss rim sept I get that correct registered here I want to make sure I I was confused read does appear and initially I said I wasn't sure what the treatment was going to cost well we know what the treatment is going to cost for room does appear which by the way they showed that has a minimal effect maybe for those people that were covered instead of a stay of fourteen days is reduced it to ten days but they didn't show any big results like they did with hydroxy Cork wind storm does appear how much remember I just told you that the drug cocktail the generic cocktail of hydroxy Cork when zinc is a for my sin twenty Bucks twenty Bucks ram does appear twenty Bucks think again fifty Bucks not even close two hundred Bucks hi number the old price is right game higher lower let's play that game four hundred higher six hundred higher eight hundred hire a thousand yes a thousand Bucks and remember that's still not a final figure it could be more than that there are some Wall Street analysts that suggests that Gilead sciences should charge forty five hundred Bucks even vote the United States taxpayer help in the development all room does appear our tax dollars in grants were given to Gilead sciences yet there are going to reap all the benefits of it remember there's always the end game don't think for a second do not think for a second that there is that cash doesn't play into it it certainly does and start talking about big pharma we're screwed the Chinese control our antibiotics supply ninety percent of the world's supply of antibiotics come from Chinese factories you name the penicillin amoxicillin it all comes from China in fact the last remaining penicillin factory was in east Syracuse New York I went to Syracuse University Bristol Myers Squibb they had a big factory fifty buildings project actually grow penicillin you have to grow the bowl closed in two thousand four two thousand five gone we are screwed time to.

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