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Into the third year how Stanford Medical School assistant professor Mayer Rosten Slater is co author of the study for students who are exposed to these events that are not even directly hurt in a physical way these shootings have the long term mental health impact and that's just looking at the impact for kids who are getting treatment I think it'd be really important to study the effects of these shootings looking at self medication via illicit drug use suicides and other risky behaviors and the educational trajectories for these youngsters later in life Rebecca chorale KCBS a new poll by the institute on taxation and economic policy discovered that ninety one of the fortune five hundred companies paid no federal income tax what so ever in twenty eighteen SF gate reports three of them are bay area companies Levi Strauss chevron and sales force some companies even GA refunds the report study that the effects of the first year of the trump tax cut was highly successful for the firms but not so much for the country is the federal deficit ballooned to nearly one trillion dollars according to the report if the a ninety one companies that paid nothing had contributed something that the it could have generated as much as seventy four billion dollars in revenue vote visa is now warning Californians about the growing scandal taking place the gas pumps the stealing of our personal information here's KCBS is Jim Taylor first we're talking about those old school mag stripe credit cards the ones without a chip and pin no surprise say the experts at a technology that's basically the same as a cassette tape will be open the half niece's says cyber crime groups are actively exporting a weakness in gas station point of sale networks to steal credit card data bases for destruction teams investigating several incidents in which a hacking group has been the floating gas station operators and maybe you unless you pay cash for graduate to a chip and.

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