Darryl, JJ, Watson discussed on Yankees at Boston


Darryl's paul boy go to steamboat bills action in the head over the gold nugget uh yeah the man you noticed by man that said yeah absolutely what's on your mind uh yeah wanted ah thing man real quick uh i wanted to throw in to widen amen there may i don't know why he get no love maybe it right day wide our man i might be sound like a homer here but uh the day j wire come out argue its are are you a texans fan greg yes yes i'm a i'm amama faint span i but a igf 1 igf our team one on both that you so texas and the thing you you you may of you may just answered it by telling me you take jj what the let me poses to you different ways the texans fan you can only keep one right now you can only keep won the league's gonna take the other one away from you who do you keep jj water cloudy our come on their i'm davies crowned and you you you good but come on your man the only reason i look they're both playing their best jj what when watson is best he's the best defensive player football i wanna ask is coming off back surgery and he's 28 and clownish twenty four although i get the sense cloudy might be kind of an older 24 body wise just with all the the wear and tear that he sat but i just wanted i knew your answer would be but i was more wanted to see what your reaction would be and it was what i thought it would be come on man yeah on the one i wanted to talk about the oath date deal i find it a travesty that oath jay you know nba gonna jail behind you know some years ago now if you're you know you.

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