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To W B O M. MEREDITH. The talk of Connecticut School Bells on Jack Callahan Fox News every opening schools, the subject of a White House meeting on Tuesday. That was the president's message since he welcomed a variety of stakeholders to the White House to discuss the safest way to reopen schools this fall, despite a recent spike in covert 19 cases, we hope that most schools they're going to be open. We don't want people to make political statements would do it for political reasons. They think it's gonna be good for them politically, so they keep the schools close. No way. So we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools. At least 39 states have released school reopening guidance for fall of 2020. It's most states start dates varying by district. Fox's Kevin Corke. Education secretary Betsy DeVos says her department is seriously considering withholding federal funds from school districts that do not make an honest effort. Bring students back this fall. There is no excuse for schools not to reopen again and for kitchen kids to be ableto learn again full time. The data doesn't suggest anything different Secretary DeVos telling Fox's Tucker Carlson tonight that adults who are fearmongering and making excuses. Simply have to stop. Fox News has confirmed. The chief Justice John Roberts, fell and hit his head two weeks ago while walking near Washington, DC Roberts hospitalized overnight as a precaution. He has a history of seizures, but doctors say he had not suffered one that night. China trying to steal American research for a Corona virus vaccine, according to Texas Republican Congressman Like McCall. The Chinese, as I speak, are actively trying to breach by cyber tags to steal our research and development for the vaccine so that they can claim that they saved the world. From the very virus very pandemic that they created. The FDA says. At least four vaccines have been moved into clinical testing All street Tuesday. The Donald Trump 396 NASDAQ off 89 the S and P 534 points. Lower America.

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