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Actor in tv musical comedy to friends one for joey and two episodes winning once in two thousand twelve for his work on the first season of the soad's and one sag novel in the category of best actor in a comedy series for friends this summer he is considered a serious threat to land another emmy nam which could lead to his first emmy win for the final season of episodes which came to an end in october but i i was joined at the offices of the hollywood reporter by my good friend aaron couch who is the senior editor of heat vision are terrific blog devoted to fan boy entertainment aaron thank you for joining us thank you scott so yesterday thursday was the first official the summer and at midnight universal began rolling out what is expected to be the first huge blockbuster of the summer jurassic world fallen kingdom this film which was directed by juan antonio bayona the same guy who did the impossible and a monster calls comes twenty five years after the original drastic park which was a via fax game changer and gave me nightmares for many years twenty one years after its first sequel the loss world drastic park seventeen years after its second sequel drastic park three and three years after its third sequel jurassic world which had the biggest june opening of any film in history taking in nearly two hundred nine million dollars in its first week you have seen this latest installment has compared to these others yeah you know i actually liked it more than the previous traffic world movie i thought it did something a little bit different which is you know it's kind of apparent from the trailers that they're not going to spend the entire time at the park on the island and that was cool and i think what brought to it was a little more of a nuanced thing going on like you have a lot of empathy for the dinosaurs it asks a lot of questions about you know what is our responsibility as humans if we you know bring life into this world so i thought it was good now two thousand fifteen drastic world is i think the fourth biggest movie of all time this movie is not going to get there i don't think so i mean if you look at the box office tracking it's gonna open significantly lower maybe can to kind of force awakens versus last jedi there was quite a drop off there i mean last i still made tons of money but i don't think this is gonna be as big as the first one is that just because people have not been asked to wait as long between installment sort of lakes on the we'll talk about shortly solo star wars story where it's just like you know the novelty has worn off a little bit yeah absolutely i mean think about it the retrea drastic park movies had been i don't know something like thirteen years it's the previous installment and those sequels weren't particularly well received so it really been years since the first movie it's kind of like the prequels with star wars those movies went well received finally with force awakens we had a great movie and stars his back drastic park with finally back and and now it's yeah the knowledge not there it's actually well let me ask you about some of the other high profile movies that rolled out before the summer but are still going into the summer and then also about some of the high profile movies that are still to come this summer i those.

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