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Of an inch Anthony Honest NBC for Right now it's 62 orange, the same in Fountain Valley, 64 in Winnetka and 61 in Studio City. We lead local live from the KO Phi 24 hour news room. I'm Deborah Martin. Johnny Kensho, John Cho Bells, King Sham Poets camp. I am sick sporting live everywhere in the I Heart Radio Act. I'll have to show his gun, but we got a lot to get to you have another chance on our show. The $1000 with the keyword coming up in about 15 minutes for them, Tim will do it again. Around 6 20 here. Gavin Newsom get heckled. Next hour. We'll play you. The story with the audio is on his anti recall tour today. The stop was Fresno. I would have got to take a look at the high speed rail or that isn't anywhere near there. Anyway. Hey, was in Fresno making his pitch and Yeah, guy with a bullhorn Recall, Gavin. We'll talk about that, and we do have new numbers on signatures collected. In the recall effort against Gavin Newsom. New vaccination numbers Steve Greg, really here to talk More about that Dodger Stadium fiasco from yesterday were thousands who had appointments didn't show up. Because of a messaging snafu. That's ridiculous. So all this was on the way A Can You remember time were so many things were so screwed up. Tonight. Maybe when Gray Davis was governor way, had huge deficits. We have no electricity. It's close. It said Spent a while. We're going to talk now. Brian Claypool. We've had him on many times he's represented. Families whose Little Children have been sexually or physically abused or killed, and he's now representing John Khatami. We've had on the show a number of times. He's a deputy district attorney, and he got the murder convictions against the mother and the boyfriend in the Gabriel Fernandez case that little I think it was eight years old. And he got it was just brutalized and killed. And it's a whole big Netflix series. You could watch. I hear. I hear there's a few references to our show in that Syriza's on dad. Tommy has come on the show recently because he's rebelling against the D A. George Gascogne Gascogne. Had forced the Deputy D A is to drop sentencing enhancements for violent criminals. Hey, wanted them to take enhancements away from criminals who've already been sentenced and jailed. No. Three strikes enhancements. You know the story by now significantly reduce prison time because he thinks that's what he was elected to do to let the criminals loose, quicker or not even send him to prison if that's possible. Now, the other day, a judge told Gascogne that a lot of what guess going wanted to do is illegal. He put a temporary block on it. But now John had Tommy is filing a lawsuit against gas comb. For defamation and racial discrimination, and his attorney, Brian Claypool, There was a Claypool offer. Brian's been on the show many times before and always makes a great case. Let's see what's in this one. Brian Hey, guys. Yeah, thanks for having me back. So what is John and Tommy say his boss did Yeah, so this This is unprecedented if you could imagine, so you've got one of the top deputy district attorneys in the country right? He's been with the D a 15 years. He is now suing his boss while he continues to work at the D A's office and here's why Gas Gone went on this rampage starting back in early November, where he used a reference, for example, to some some difficult people in the D. A's office as being what's called internal terrorists. We know who that was directed at his treasured John Tommy because he was the only one Speaking out at that time is just so your listeners know John has a Middle Eastern background. His father, I believe is my Muslim descent. He's got some Iranian in his blood, too. So you tell me to start with this guy got gone supposed to be a leader he's supposed to take over take over the largest ship of 1000 prosecutors in L. A county, the biggest apartment. In the country, and instead of walking in and sitting down and talking to some of the leadership in his department. He does seems and racially, uh, discriminates against the one person that speaking up against him, Okay, That's the first thing he did this on television. Do Yeah, exactly on television, and they also on television called John Khatami Delusional. And unfit for his job. Okay, So brace yourself. This goes beyond those comments Go beyond John Tommy, Right? Or we're suing for the defamation. By the way, just Cyril issues, though That's what's called libel per se, which means when you challenge the fitness of somebody to do their job and is published, publicized like that you've got damage is already built in your even have to put up damages. But let's put that aside for a moment. Here's how you're responsible. Our L. A County district attorney is by calling Jonah Tommy. Unfit on television and delusional. He is now exposed the 70 files. Currently, the John's working on to prosecutorial misconduct, right because all of the defendants in those cases they're not gonna file Potentially file motions against John as not doing his job properly and having some other motivation so there could be liability for the county on those cases. Let's move on. One more thing. Remember the Gabriel Fernandez case you guys talked about right? Well, that gets even worse. Because in that case now lawyers for sorrow acquire, I believe is the name the boyfriend. Who tortured and murdered Gabriel. Right. So in that case, what Gascon said, by the way, By the way, Gas cars never match John and Tommie. Those two have never even had coffee. Never said Heidi each other, Really. And he was they have never even met dude. Not one second as this has just Gascon Mr. Coming in on his His Lear jet into L. A county and doesn't spend a second with John. He never walked in John Shoes. John's tried over 70 felony. Trials that bones probably tried. None. You haven't stepped in a man's shoes. You can't go in smear and toss him under the box. Right? Well, here's what he did on cable Fernandez. It's chilling. He gets on TV and other TV on Nicholas Spectrum right TV, he says. That. Oh, let's talk about the death count on me and let's talk about Gabriel Fernandez. He said that the on Lee reason John Khatami went for the death penalty in the case was because of his ego, right. That's that's horrible number one number two. He lies, he then says on TV that That that that McGuire you know, the boyfriend who murdered Gabriel tortured him that That John had made an offer for life without parole. And acquire turned it down and that that's the only reason why John then threw. It went through to seek the death penalty. That is categorically fiction, and it's false. John never made any kind of plea offer. Bill DWYRE. Why's that all important? Well, because now lawyers for this, this murderer and Lester are going to file motions on appeal to try to get his sentence reduced because of your newly elected D A. George Gascon. In your press release. It said that Gascon claimed that had Tommy's ego had been hurt by a choir. The choir had rubbed a Tommy the wrong way. And that McGuire was not the heavy in this case now acquire. It was the boyfriend who tortured and murdered little Gabriel Fernandez, right? Yeah, That's a great point about. What do you mean? It was not the heavy and implying that Khatami was the problem that Gascon is on the side of the killers, child killer. Exactly So so and by the way before you respond your questions, so your listeners know Gascon. Bet you a million dollars, has never even spent a second reviewing any of the file materials and the Gabriel Fernandez case. Okay, let's get that straight. And he doesn't even know the facts of that case. But exactly, he's saying That's the Tommy makes a plea offer to acquire and I did see the Netflix series. You guys should watch it..

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