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Deliberations seemed like an eternity. It was a was ten days eleven days. I think that's the longest in Florida history. Longest in US history for capital case for jury be out. I remember when they were. Reading the verdict when they say count one not guilty. You know, the first thing I'm thinking, okay. We have lesser charges on thinking. Okay. I'm not guilty. I agree murder. But then when they went to count to they said, not guilty in my my legal sense kicked in and I say hold on. And then they say count three not guilty, and I say that's murder murder murder all three counts, and I just broke down from right there. I didn't hear anything else. After twenty two years south was free. It was I mean, I was like I don't know living on a high out of this world. I couldn't go to when I got out. I couldn't go to sleep for three days. I said a nine hundred ninety seven I said, no ninety five I said Godwin one day, if I ever get found guilty, the first place, I wanna go. I wanna go to the closest church, and I wanna get down on my knees. Imprint that church on care. What time it is? And I wanna go to the beach and put my back on a palm tree. So I got out at three o'clock in the morning, and the nearest church was I think it was ninth avenue David boulevard, if you had a little bit south as a Catholic church, and I didn't care if it was Catholic Baptist Pentecost Jehovah witness. I was just I it was like forty degrees out. I was freezing. I wasn't freezing. But my friend. I was with me she was called. And I I was out there for like twenty minutes on my hands and knees, and and I was just praying, and I stopped by Dunkin donuts get some coffee, then I went to. The beach on commercial in a with a periods. And I was going to go down there by the ward at first it was pitch dark. But then I started hearing the roaring the ocean. And you know, I haven't been around something like that almost twenty years. And I was scared. I said I didn't come this far the ocean swapping up. So I stayed away from the water and win put my butt in the Gulf against a tree. And I just enjoyed it for about an hour. Pabo Eibar has faced a tougher challenge. Since the hung jury nineteen ninety seven primarily prosecutors allege that it is his face that could be seen on the video footage during the murder, but the image on the video is grainy and Pablos lawyers and supporters have insisted it's not him. It's the most important piece of evidence until now and the most controversial. Debbie is the sister of one of the murder victims. Sharon anderson. They can for years with with description of the type of grainy as though you can't make out who I look at that type until you. My sister is for how can anyone who knows? How far look at that. And say that that's not him. So yeah, it's angering I can't tell you how many people who know be known me all these years who, of course, will ask and they will always say to me how can it be that the entire homicide? And you guys still don't have any very frustrating to explain that to people because even with all of your legal exposure. Because I thought of starting at this point even with everything I understand about the case it is. Maddening to watch it and what someone with nothing on his face. Until your sister and have that piece of very long evidence bequest, and there are people who kill and rob and seven eleven videos who trials all. Fix. Evidence against Pablo was strong enough to convince a second jury that it was indeed his face on the video. He was convicted and sentenced to death. But for the second time in the cases, Nickelodeon murder case, the Florida Supreme Court stepped in and threw out the conviction. This time they ruled up Pablo hadn't received an adequate defense from his lawyer who was ill during the trial. Pablo would face his third jury. But this time a tactic used by his defense years. Earlier would come back to haunt him. With nothing to lose before his trial and twenty ten Pablo. Eibar team took a gamble. They sent the blue t shirt found at the crime scene to a forensics lab in Virginia. They were hoping to find DNA on the shirt that could pin the murders another potential suspect. But the results were negative and the T shirt went into storage since then a new prosecutor Williamson Claire has been working to convict Pablo. And he had a thought about the t shirt Pablo had attested for another suspects DNA, but had the lab ever tested the t shirt against Pablo's own DNA. It had not Sinclair ordered the test. And this time the news was bad for Pablo. The results of the new test showed that Pablo was a major contributor to the personally recovered DNA the probability that it was a different Caucasian man was one in eleven million. The odds shrank to about one in thirty five million among Hispanic men, the momentum shit. Shifted from the defense to the prosecution. Suddenly the controversial grainy video wasn't the most important piece of evidence against Pablo. Ibar jury selection began October first twenty eighteen and by thanksgiving, it was complete. The courtroom is packed on the opening day of the trial. Eibar wife brother and father are joined by other family members with them as a delegation of senators from Spain where I bar has become a celebrity among opponents of the death penalty. One Senator rows of in del of Madrid says, quote, we are not here to say he is innocent. We are here as opponents of the death penalty. We don't want his life to be at risk. We want a fair trial the group from Spain has raised more than one million dollars for Pablo's. Current defense on the other side of the courtroom is a single row of just four people which Casey's daughter Alexis who is now thirty five years old Marie rudders mother, Margaret and brother Karim and a Representative from the victim's advocate office, which helps family members understand the legal process during murder trials. Deb buoy. Sharon sister sat through all of the previous trials. But now lives in central Florida with her children and isn't at the trial. Their mother Barbara Jones died in twenty seventeen prosecutor Williamson Claire opens the case against Pablo by highlighting his newest weapon. The DNA publish DNA was on the t shirt Sinclair tells the jury so is the DNA of Sharon Anderson, one of the murder victims this proves it Sinclair says Eibar is one of the killers. The DNA evidence on the t shirt is damaging for Pablo and his lawyers aren't hiding it at his trial. It's true. His attorney Kevin Kulik tells the jury Pablo's DNA is on the shirt, and so a Sharon Anderson's, but he says there was someone else's DNA in the fibers to unknown number one. That's what Kulik called him the source of the DNA hasn't been identified. But Kulik tells the jury that DNA belongs to the real killer. Defense lawyers argued that the murder investigation has been tainted by misconduct almost from the start. And there's at least one person out there that police knew about but never pursued. He walked into the Broward sheriff's office after the murders and claimed responsibility for taking Bush Casey's Mercedes from his house and driving it seventy miles north to Palm Beach county where he said on fire near the Florida Everglades. Seth panel says he discovered notation of the alleged confession in police files while he was appealing his conviction on death row two days after the murders. I I wasn't even a suspect. Mr. Eibar wasn't even a suspect. When you have a gentleman at walks into brow sheriff's office, and this guy confesses says, yeah, I burnt the car. My boss told me to do it. How does not arrest him immediately for grand theft auto possession of stolen property doesn't make sense in. Why they don't call West Palm Beach shares office. Hey, we got the guy will blue car. In your county. You arrest them? Then I'm not here. Mr. Eibar is not here that could have been the murderer. But what happens BSO less mango less than twenty four hours later. He's dead. The man's name was Johnny McGill. He was shot to death outside a Miami strip club the day after he gave his brief statement to a deputy. He's in front of a club. They asked him to come out. They kill them co. But that's for me. A lot of answers are in a lot of questions. Don't get answered. Nobody wants to answer these questions whenever you let somebody that confesses to the murder. He dies later. I mean, there's a lot on answer questions here. Prosecutors say that false. Confessions are not uncommon in high profile murder cases by the time. The witnesses statement came to light investigators were already confident they had the right men in custody. The idea of south testifying and Pablos current trial was a potential problem for both the prosecution and the defense he was on the witness list for both sides and his first appearance in the courtroom early in the trial caused waves.

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