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On any new preferred order. The balance of nature dot com today and he was discount code fruits. Let's go to the traffic center and Steve Dresner and let's go to Virginia and the Arlington area. We now have the lane son exits and westbound 66 between the Roosevelt breaks a route seven all reopen traffic getting by now. On that westbound side traffic also in pretty good shape on the capital Beltway in Virginia. No issues in either direction on I 3 95 still very slow on the North bound side and 95 coming up from the Dale City area. Once you're over the yard Coke wanted opens up nicely to the Springfield Interchange, announce just minor delays on the South bound side over the Occoquan when she clear the bridge pretty good down to the Fredericksburg area. In Maryland. We've cleared up crash activities. Seth Men on the B W Parkway near patter. Milner. A lanes are open minor delays of crossing 1 97 through Penner Mill Road and Better Right, also on the north bound side between the tube Elway's 95 into 70 running a okay as well as rude 50 and no backup story point in Prince George's County on the Capitol Bell, Wayne Montgomery County, the inner loop right near Connecticut Avenue crash activity being reported blocking. The right lane. Steve Dresner. W T o p traffic Now the storm team four meteorologist Lord Ricketts. Blue Skies Today. Temperatures around 50 and light winds clouds roll in tonight and we'll have clouds around tomorrow with temperatures mid forties a Sprinkle or two south of D C possible, but not likely Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, Plenty.

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