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Thursday. Hey you. Yes. Listening to the radio tell them what made you notice him you care about people and you work hard. Even when no one is watching you just need someone to believe in you and help you get started. And I believe my local partner might be exactly that person's. You'll be amazed at the business skills. You'll learn by working with one eight hundred got junk, the world's reader full-service junk, removal person should think big start small if you think they are already to start climbing to the sky go to one eight hundred got John dot com and click the button that says careers. He wanted a perfectly colorless diamond he lives in one of America's largest cities. And he wanted it to be flawless the legendary d flawless, and he wanted it to be eight full carrots and eight carat flawless. Every jeweler he spoke to gave them the same advice. If you're looking for a diamond like that you're going to have to go to shreve and company in San Francisco luxury timepieces, fine designers and flawless diamonds since eighteen fifty two generations of Americans chain to San Francisco and now people from all. All over the world because this is the city of St. and company. Sound exactly the diamond he wanted the impossible. A loss. This other jewelers gave him good advice is looking for a diamond like even company in San Francisco. Sweden and company. Luxury timepieces, fine designers and flawless diamonds in Palo Alto. Perfectly situated in the Stanford shopping center and the most beautiful jewelry store is the flagship street at one fifty post off union square..

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