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And on the bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings opinions global business news twenty four hours a day bloomberg dot com that radio plus mobile and on your radio beason we're business flash and i'm karin seven seventeen on wall street bloomberg a breakout on customer terminal spring you all the news you need to start your day that's gonna checking the latest headlines from chris kirk down at the bloomberg may break best good morning good morning karin the oil surplus isn't going anywhere anytime soon be international and edgy agency says the glut twirl persist into twenty seventeen for longer than previously thought china's economy strengthened last month as factory i put him best meant and retail sales all be testament to pick up foley's stronger than expected manufacturing pm i am trade data in finance the delivering alpha conference in new york begins today we're ready down leo posting gonna cano icon steve schwartzman and tim dyke a likely to discuss the fed hedge fans nagy tv deals and the election and that should police said combat team drones with a squad of eagles the bbc reports they don't foresee eagles kicks that will tackle way would drones once they reach maturity for all the news you need to start show day check i day break on your mobile phone on the bloom the anyway karin chris kirk and thank un futures this morning lower s and p futures down thirteen points now he may be futures are down ninety six announced that the many futures down twenty eighth ten year treasury up one thirty second point six five percent at nine makes crude oil down two point four percent or a dollar nine as a bloomberg business flashed tom in mind here in a thing so much good morning everyone bloomberg surveillance this morning brought to you by interactive brokers trainers university even experience curators need to keep learning trainers university will get you up to speed quickly were short videos weber nurse courses and more visit by pk are dot com slash.

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