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From from Palm Beach county north all the way up to Virginia which is declared a state of emergency because even if if it stays if Dorian stays off shore we're going to see a strong winds high winds and potentially flooding from rain and storm surge and so that's the problem here the people have to prepare for that flooding right even if it doesn't have there's gonna be damage impairs Greg Allen thank you so much you're welcome. some of the news now pope Francis is heading this week two threes southeastern African nations Mozambique Madagascar and Mauritius why there NPR Sylvia Poggioli reports. this is the pope's latest journey to what he calls the peripheries of the world all three countries have experienced serious challenges in recent years from violence conflict and political instability to devastating natural disasters most some beach has had them all rich in natural resources the U. N. ranks it among the world's least developed countries earlier this year large areas were struck by two of Africa's worst tropical cyclones on record father of Boba Hey get Autobot tore a Nigerian who is president of the Jesuit borders conference of Africa and Madagascar are says over Skype that the cyclones had devastating effects killing hundreds and destroying the livelihood of thousands he expects Francis an ardent environmentalist will speak about the dangers of global warming and it responsible development in a country that is already challenged economically and also politically because their lingering disaffection amongst the people of the sun do you took the civil war and the lack of a stable peaceful environment full democratic governance in nineteen ninety two the Rome based scented G. your community.

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