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There's an issue with the PR tests and the standards that are set that could be producing very high false positives which again screws up. All the data means we have nothing. We know nothing and it seems to be not one of those less really. Try and do it right. Everybody which backfires this is. David Crowe an investigative journalist. He's going to briefly. Explain the problem with the testing process and effectiveness of the process. Is that you have aren't a insane is a swap so you. I need to extract the irony get rid of the DNA which interferes with the test get rid of various enzymes and things that can affect later processes that is not a perfect process so the amount of Arna you get it step on will vary depending on which lab do it in the second stage is that piece you are only works on DNA. Not Ernie so you have to convert the Arnie DNA using an enzyme called transcriptase and the efficiency of that according to buston varies by a factor of about ten so what that means is the amount of DNA you end up with at the end of the second process is can be quite different by probably more than a factor of ten between different. Labs the way you tell if somebody is the way you say. Somebody is positive or negative is by running cycles of each of double the amount of material and you say for example if we get to thirty seven sample thirty-seven cycles and we haven't found any material. You're negative de choice of cycle numbers in in tests that are approved by the FDA varies from thirty to forty five. The second point is if you push the test to heart you can get false positives. Stephen Bus Recommend recommended no more than thirty five cycles and the tests the thirty three tests approved by the FDA. Go from thirty to forty five and only three of them had less than thirty five cycles. So what they are doing is they're pushing the envelope because they don't want to miss somebody who's infected but the consequence of that is could be generating massive number of false positives and they could have generated an entire epidemic by a massive number of false positives and if somebody tests positive on this test there's no way to determine whether it's true or false positive. The whole thing is a mess. It's a mess. And now we've been taught trust the science. The science is in Cheryl Wall rated. It's evidence based fact-based poll crab. It's just not true. You don't have all the is okay. This is this has been proven out by the whole global warming scam well and this is GonNa listen to anybody else. They close the door on discussion. Ninety seven percent of all scientists. They say it they lie about it and it's all about the money. Do you remember when it was only a week ago. China's going to test all eleven million people in Wuhan in ten days stunned. In right we got our our producer boots on the ground in Wuhan. He checked in a week ago. The reality of testing has changed. They are not testing all of who we no longer need to be tested because we were tested in March. My Co workers are also exempted since they were tested last month. I have no idea how many were tested into no longer reported on the Chinese news television and the CNA. I work all over. Wuhan and no longer see the big testing stations. Wuhan is thirty two hundred eighty square miles so maybe they moved to another section of WHO? I don't see but this testing is over. They're lying they're all full of crap. Not Testing testing ten million people in ten or eleven million people in ten days bullcrap now taking into the hydroxy liars take into the hydroxy. This is the final one and I thought it was quite brilliant that you came up with the concept that this virus had back door and the back doors hydroxy chloroquine. Or that's the key and then you insert the zinc and then you Effectively neutralizing the that somehow could have been known at least to the president since he was so early with this. Yeah very I think he was read in on something something somehow somewhere. Here's the final clip for me. Dr Bark again The politicization of it. But IT'S A. It's a good clip from a doctor. Who prescribed it and a little interesting tidbit so hydroxy chloroquine for example has found to be very safe effective cheap readily available now but if I use hydroxy chloroquine now and I read a prescription not uncommonly. I'll get a phone call from the pharmacy for me to justify why I'm prescribing this medication. I've never had this happen in my thirty. Plus Year Years Prescriptions. He'd never had someone really questions. And whoever nope never but now every time I write it I get a response back to justify why either the patient is sick and they meet a certain protocol of a particular age or this that and the other. I've never seen that before and I know I know that this this drug is being used throughout the country successfully and safely yet. It's now a political drug because a few months ago can't remember how long ago now every day just seems like you know a year but maybe a month and a half ago. President Trump said on public TV. I remember I was driving to work listening to the news. One of the press conferences and I heard him say it and immediately when I heard him say something about Hydroxy Click when I said. Oh boy here we go. How long is it going to be since till my phone blows up till I start getting emails from patients and sure enough by the time I got to the office I had already received emails? Enquiring about hydroxy chloroquine. But now immediately the press picked it up and now hydroxy. Chloroquine is a political drug. So if there's a study that shows that it doesn't work mainstream media front page news. If there's a study that shows that it has some benefit it's ignored or when it's presented right next to it is a so-called expert to immediately shoot down that study to say that this is not a good drug to be using and I think as a public service. You have some information on this This sixty year old drug seventy year old drug seventy year old drug the been long since proven to be quite safe of course they. There's a lot of stories but let's go back to the doctors that were discussing this whole issue We had on the last show. People like these clips. This is continuation. These are a couple of one of these. Two of these are long kind of but let's start with clip to set this up. This is a Again this is the discussion of why this discussion of people get it. Why more men get it? A concept called co morbidity which seems to be an element of Y. You get it what the older men would get it. And then it continues with And then we'll continue where they get into the oxy. Chloroquine d three and vitamin C. discussion especially the vitamin Z discussion. Which has a fascinating. Punchline started started off be interested to see who expressed the disease state and what they were taking to support their their prostate. I think there's a correlation there but we would have to really research that so when the change of somebody was using finessed ride or something although there's there's with HIV and the advent of viral treatments in lieu of say maximum with the only real treatment you'd have for for viral infection right out the symptoms and treat those something called protease inhibitors. Now and there's a protease inhibitor. That both blocks TMP RSS to and I think there's other ones for ace to but again you don't want to get into the ace inhibitors. What we already mentioned. But that's already approved in Japan for a pardon escalates coma stat mesylate. That's the we tried to order some studies on it. I tried to get. Api brought in. And there's also no famous that mesylate. It's pretty much the same family of drugs. Yeah both are approved. They're both been used great success the longest shortest when we talk about different medical interventions or supporting those. That are at risk. These are prime candidates prideaux. Some of that. The virus comes along. I can't their immune system takes care of it. They Ciro convert make their own antibodies. Because you'd inhibited. The cell from delivering its virus. So we've already agreed on or we already put a hypothesis together here that the viruses made I wanna go to the next level for a minute and say if it was man made is the groups that it hits coincidental or was there a deliberate nature behind that. I don't know that it's coincidental. I think when you when you enter into gain of function type research and you start pumping up. It's it will naturally naturally go a become more virulent income morbid patients. That's that's a given. What's interesting with this? Is that normally. You would expect immuno compromised patients to be hit just as hard as co Morbid patients that that's usually a given but in this particular virus it's not because children babies are immuno-compromised I mean. They do have passive immunity from their mother. There's no doubt and if you're breastfed you'll have more passive immunity but not like an adult. Now what they mean to kind of break this down a Children don't have much immunity. It takes years and years to build it up. You're exposed all these viruses. You're out floating around you out. You get sick. You get sick. You get Willia- develop a lot of immunities and Co morbidity refers to having to chronic illnesses at the same time which is mostly older men right and they discuss how it should be mostly women who get this disease just naturally based on the nature of this virus of the coronavirus but men that have co morbidity and that would be for example having diabetes and high blood pressure that would be like having hypertension and a Enlarged prostate which every man after about the age of fifty. So so men. Have this this this these issues and it turns out that the virus needs to couple of things going on for it that to latch onto to get going walking. The latching on is the easy part. It's it's developing the open. Getting the virus load into the cell is hard part via the viral viral load. And Anyway so now. We're going to discuss the mechanisms that stop it and it turns out that oxy chloroquine is one of them. So let's go to clip to not like an adult so the fact.

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