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Are-are she sprained radio programming from Friday. So to start off our panel discussion today. I'm going to allow low I to address some of the situation in Iraq. Tell his story what he's currently doing to advocate for religious freedom in Iraq and address some of the concerns in some of these specific issues that Christians face in places like Iraq. Why don't you just get right into it? Just share a little bit about your background how you came to this place. And and what you're doing. That was Travis Weber from the Family Research Council where he's vice president for policy about to speak here. Mickael is from Iraq haven dot org. It is a project of in defense of Christians. He where he is the senior Iraq adviser. Thank you traffic. Also like to thank you for inviting me to speak here. Also, she's this opportunity to thank the Trump administration and the vice president Mike Pompeo for taking registry them seriously in State Department and the as well. Iraqi Christian I used to leave. I was born and raised in Iraq. I get involved in this show since two thousand seven previously used to work helping I was involved in in helping a lot of American soldiers something we used to host them in encouraged could've sound and guide them give them to guide and helping them. And so also I was involved in advisory group I was cleaning minefields in north of Iraq, forty villagers for the civilian people. So I got involved in in two thousand and seven I was part of a organization called the Calvin gazillion. Public council was founded in two thousand seven to address will just feed them each show on the plight of Christians, and what what we can do for the Christians after the removing Saddam Hussein because they faced a lot of tremendous challenges on the ground. So from there. One point one point five million in Iraq. And now they're number is being dropped down to. Two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand which is very sexy that on every day, we still lose tens of families because of the persecution because of lack of services security and other other things we came here in the United States in Washington DC, twenty fifteen to be part of voice for voiceless people in Iraq because what happened to them since two thousand and three till two thousand fourteen two thousand fourteen was big big think that ISIS attack the second largest city of Iraq muzzle, and also they ceased occupy the area, which called plane, Christian majority and other minorities used to leave. So when I was on the ground ISIS attacked overnight one hundred and fifty thousand families they fled to the north fast seizing security and shelter. And I was also part of being able to help thousands of families storing them finding. A place that they can stay somewhere until they find somewhere. So they can they can be secure and having a place to stay. I came here. And I'll become part of I defensive questions. I was part of it. We helped on. On drafting a resolution seventy five seventy five congress that what I did the atrocities. I says on the ground on the Christian, easy, dis and other minorities to be genocide, and we were sexist fully being able to call ISIS, atrocities, ISIS crimes of genocide. Also, we were able to push with administration previous administration that the questions to be included in designation of jenex genocide..

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