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Doesn't magic the magic hello and welcome to a new show with andrew flintoff robbie savage and me matthew side do they call sign the unfairly the ping pong guy we couldn't into the big sporting issues psychology performance celebrity control the sea life in general everything in between we may even talk about pvc outfits at some stage during this girl does but before we really can i want to let you know how we got to know each other i freddie and robbie you'll good mates right we have to know each of the when i moved north a move into the area i went to the school to join me kids off and the child which for showing my kids out was robbie's lod all it i thought oh my word i'm going to get to know robbie savage here that was my best thinking it lives on the corner i'm going to bump into him oh we're going to be miss it's been a beautiful thing as now we we you know people get a preconceived idea what rub zych he's not he's all right he's all right is this true robbie you know be become good friends with with where the out out with it every single day of lives now power from a sunday every day because we every day go good jim group and we get really well we go out together with a wise a wives gotten as well which always helps kids get on yeah so beautiful beautiful you wanna move up north get involved don't one of the great friendships going on between ruben for the how on earth did i get involved in who invited me onto this nobody else's available we went through every jail is going well we we to do something do a show together unless be honest bbc five live weren't going to say you in robie crack home with it you know and they're not going to allow us to do that and trust so it's all into the big boss john o and he said juwan and i said you know someone intelligence someone who's like really eloquent with words and the best they came what was your in my view okay well that is a good way to move into topic number while i think this is the just a quick expanding people the pain bump blow people don't know yeah yes very good journalist thank you you've you've got a couple of books out yeah this one's i think but the pain bomb block yes quickly thank you i appreciate the opportunity to get what of soap before becoming a journalist i was the british table tennis number one for ten years can you email i have actually played freddie and table tennis what was it i thought gee segment for show once different sports and i played against my view but is chee interesting knocked him off from to smash mushroom ibm i and then when i did my documentary on depression sport for you did a segment on that yeah and that was a brilliant test it that's going to be a topic is sports and i need to build myself up to try and combat the animosity already feel you saying that about something yes it is a sport okay rattles but let's go in to the topic of the day and i think one of the biggest topics in sport in the last twelve months leicester city fantastic story one of the most extraordinary performances to win the premier league last season a lot of people wondered are they going to be able to maintain it we'll they sustain the momentum ran airy a coach with vision he's galvanized his players and now the wheels have unequivocally come off it's been one of the biggest turnarounds extraordinary thing why is it happened one is the theory is there any good credible argument for why this story is slowly don't wanna use the word nightmare but it's tiny into amid of a nightmare robbie well everything aligned last year five thousand one the elsewhere for them to win it every player last year performed to their maximum capability the other teams didn't perform thing that's fair they were going through transitional periods how did it happen jimmy vardi scored everything myers was brilliant drink walter was unbelievable the back four incredible the goalkeeper pulling off say there are no injuries so everything was perfect what happens now.

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