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The Rangers and Maple Leafs. No score at the end of two, of course, Toronto enters tonight. Six point back of the Bruins per second place any Atlantic. The Bruins are just pounding the Panthers right now six two at the end of two. Brad Marchand has a goal in this game. Thirty seconds David posture. Knock has a goal was well for the Bruins his thirty third Canadians need points, and they are leading the sabres four to three Brennan Gallagher has a goal in this game for Montreal is thirty seconds of the year. Coming up a little later on tonight. The Redwings on the road taking on board night, ten o'clock. And earlier today in overtime descends down the Oilers, four three. That was Brady Chuck getting his nineteenth of the year in overtime for the game winner. All right when we return Tampa Bay will be shorthanded for about two minutes. Two minutes fifty seven to be exact as they trail Saint Louis three nothing at the end of one David that will have the call coming up in the second period right here on letting radio hockey season is here and nothing goes better with hockey than a nice cold. The official shuttle on the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey are the perfect combination. Because the perfect ice cold shot at precisely negative eighteen degrees celsius Cola's ice. There's nothing like a shot of ice cold. Yeah. The official shed on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Thirty five percent alcohol by volume quarterback master muster US, White Plains New NHL NHL team marks the property of the NHL and its teams. All right. Natural gas dryer works fast cities more time for sharing. Mr. pinky.

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