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Six day forecast today sunny with light winds it'll be about the warmest day of the week with heights ranging from the upper sixty s to the low eighties and some inland areas tuesday mostly cloudy chance of rain high sixties to low seventies wednesday and thursday partly to mostly sunny highs upper fifties to mid sixties friday and saturday it'll be sunny highs sixties to mid seventies and then next sunday mostly sunny highs in the sixties to low seventies right now san francisco's at fifty one degrees san jose emoryville san mateo concord and san rafael all at forty eight degrees right now traffic and weather together on the eighth on all news one zero six nine and am seven forty kcbs so who's behind the bay area's housing shortage that was the main question in a poll conducted in the south bay kcbs scotla terry has the results of that poll gardena was president and ceo of the silicon valley leadership group between ten and twenty sixteen in our region we added twenty nine percent or jobs order that's where people placed blame forty eight percent of those polled said tech companies were to blame fifty seven percent said developers are the major reason scotla terry kcbs craft beer continues to be big business but especially in silicon valley where the number of microbreweries continues to explode we have that story from kcbs jennifer hodges it's safe to say the craft brewing craze has taken off in san jose with twelve breweries opening recently in the downtown area alone this is incredible statewide but in san jose it's really exciting to see because it's creating a presence for this industry there are so many craft brewing of fans that love crappier congressman osh colorado the ribbon cutting for the latest brewery to open camino was great to see this kind of economic development coming in a manner in which it really gets people together patrick campbell attended casino's opening he runs a blog bay area beers we thought it was great i mean i mean we only tried one of the beers but it was really nice and i'm looking forward to trying a bunch of their other beers at camino in san jose jennifer hodges kcbs an organization that works with farmworkers says the trump administration is putting those farm workers and their families endanger we get more from kcbs as rebecca corral when it comes.

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