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No. Address all right here. La I stopped at your office and they told me that you. I don't believe I had the pleasure. Piper this judge hooker. How do you do? How do you do? This is a great pleasure, yes. His Piper Leroy's new music teacher Oh saw. Luckily Awry. Taking a few lessons yourself gala. Ms Piper is living with Dr Needham. She's a friend of the family. Oh Oh, I see! Yeah, it's probably something you want to judge those watercress sandwiches by any chance know they're devils. Known. Thank. You know I I can't eat. deviled ham makes me sick. Has Ever since I H. I'm on a certain occasion I've liked to freely. That was in my younger. Brother we. All dogs have to watch digestion. Don't we speak for yourself for us I can eat anything. Now coal term. Judge, was there something you wanted? Oh yes, how do you like that in Piper I forgot what I came for. Either way you're staying with, Dr, Needham you say yes. Dr Needham's Fine Man, I've known him well ten discharging fact for low these many years. See must be pretty near. Well the BRA, burning down nineteen, hundred thirty, and that was the year. If you have a point, let's get to it. The judge wonders level I do nothing the sword. I remember very well what I came for. It was to tell you that I had a note today from Leila. Ransom just thought that you might be interesting. I'm not particularly come to think of it. I've had one burma myself. He hit. Did she say I don't know I haven't read it yet. You haven't read it. No I guess. I stuck it in my pocket and forgot all about it. Times of certainly changed. misfiring, you should have seen this fellow year ago if anyone even mentioned the name of Leila ransom judge if you don't mind. Sorry if I've ended, you haven't defended judge, but I'll see you the door before you do. You will. Bring up Leela. What are you up to kill robbing the cradle? Piper A great pleasure meeting you or a judge. Get my warmest guys. Dr Need them on you. Come along goodbye. As I said it's been a real pleasure. I hope we shall meet again soon. You'll be sure to give my regards to Dr. Maybe we can continue our. Everyone so nice here. Now. Where were we? We were talking about music and you? Know I wouldn't want to sing for you is Piper after all Europe professional and I? DRINK UT Perhaps not today..

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