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Match in match out rock solid on both ends service returning like just kind of breaks the numbers for what he can do. I is that the comp. Nah i don't like it because medvedev's who is funny. Did you see the two sexy video with drake. The hammer come out. And there's a little dancing. We'll look at a no comment on that but medved here's the Another knock on medvedev. I just said his only docket sir versatility. Another thing is like mentally could be a total head case. Now i mean let's be honest true. I mean the clay court season was not a matter of medved of his flat so he can't win a match. No the clay thing was. He was mentally not ready to win a match. This was not about medved of his flat. So he can't get out of the first round of monte carlo like come on. He can't beat dan evans play. Wait that's we lost right. Yeah yeah he can't beat dan evans on play really no of course he can't he just was basically being ahead. Case by my push back to that would be but then. We saw the french open. Run where he won exactly how he was supposed to when he decided. You know what. I am gonna lock in physically and i'm just by tennis on these clay courts and it's worth reminding everyone danila medvedev has only been new frequent medvedev price since the start of twenty. I mean you would really say okay. Midway through that twenty nine hundred hardcore stretch at the end of the year. I thought he flashed that level at the start on was starting to look very very good throughout the course of the season. But he's only been neil medvedev really for about six months you know. This is his first full season of being daniel freaking metadata because twenty twenty got cut off and there would have been a whole season of clay court repetitions for him to of go through the lumps that he went through this year. And that's just. I always want to mention the data point. Because and the amount of there's two techs gotten most you know it's about medvedeva rod kanu and it's about generational shifts. I'm having people who don't watch a things just seem to be different now. All these young players are winning. And it's like man you really haven't listened to the pod since two thousand seventeen have it just. It does felix for all of them. The you know male or female. The address cue's osaka's medvedev sixty passes of the world like what is the sample size of grass court matches. What is the sample size as a little bit larger but like surface versatility. If that is one thing you're concerned about. I actually think that's a great thing because there been limited wraps for medvedev like yes. He turns twenty six next year but he really hasn't been demille medvedev. Clay court matches for more than six months. Yes yeah it's not quantifiable theory to throw a few of a match. You know the but it's a true theory. I think with especially with the grass. It's that people need to not look at past results like it was driving. Both of us crazy. I think when people were like sixty pastas number from past the first round of wimbledon duties played at twice like like so. I think that was out of hand. at the same time they a guy like medvedev did play wimbledon juniors and actually had a lot of success there so There are some reps. I do think that there are some stylistic. Things felix felix His games great on the grass. So so it's not. It also might be something where we're like not looking at anyone except ruble of positive era and medvedev and that is also kind of to our detriment because there are actually other players bertini and felix..

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