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Happening, fellow sports fans attendee West and I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history. We'll start off way back in 18 48, where baseball rules that the first baseman can tag the base for and out instead of the runner kind of seems crazy that that wasn't always the rule jumping ahead this week in 1937, the first NFL game Was played in Washington, D. C. The Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants 13 3. This week In 1978 boxer Muhammad Ali defeats Leon Spinks at the Superdome in New Orleans to win the world heavyweight boxing title for the third time in his career, the first fighter ever to do so. Following his victory, Ali retired from boxing only to make a brief come back two years later. Ali left the sport permanently in 1981 this week in 1984 on the seventh anniversary of his first major league home run. Reggie Jackson hits his 5/100 career home run this week in 1986. Chicago's Walter Payton rushes for 177 yards to reach the 15,000 yard plateau and scores his 1/100 career rushing touchdown as the Bears beat the Philadelphia Eagles 13 10 and this week in 2000 and eight major league Baseball's instant replay system produces its first reversal when Tampa Bay Rays Carlos Pena had a two run double change to a three run homer during the fourth inning against the Minnesota Twins. The initial umpire call was based on fan interference, which the video replays showed was not The case, And that's just some of what happened this week in sports history, the weekend sports Time capsule on my heart radio. And now I look back at this week in history on I Heart radio this week in 1959 and one of the more surreal moments of the history of the Cold War, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev explodes with anger when he learns that he cannot visit Disneyland, while in California government authorities feared that the crowds would pose a safety hazard for the premier Cruise. Jeff left LOS Angeles the next morning this week in 1973 future President Jimmy Carter files a report with the National Investigations Committee. The on aerial phenomena, claiming he had seen a UFO in October of 1969 during the presidential campaign of 1976. Carter promised that if elected president, he would encourage that the government released every piece of information about UFOs available to the public and to scientists after winning the presidency, though Carter backed away from his pledge, saying that the release of some information might have defence implications and pose a threat to national security. This week in 1983 20 year old Vanessa Williams becomes the first African American to win the Miss America Crown. Less than a year later, Williams gave up her crown after new photos of her had surfaced despite the scandal. Williams later launched the successful singing and acting career. And this week in 1990, the Martin Scorsese directed Mafia film Goodfellas, starring Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Lorraine Brocco and Joe Pesci opens in theaters around the United States. The movie, which is based on the bestselling 1986 Book Wise Guy tells the true story of the mobster turned FBI informant Henry Hill. Pesci won best supporting actor for This. I'm funny How I mean funny like I'm a clown and use you And that's what happened. Thanks for listening to this week in history on I.

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