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That's exactly what would happen. At least give it a try. You have to wonder how many of the big 10 And in the Pac 12. Maybe looking at that conference commissioners was think I inside phase going Jozy tells patient the virtue. Why do you not exhibit that? An exercise that when it came to college football in our league, stay tuned. Big 10 Impact 12 stay tuned. Easy and Fitz Simmons on Freddie Coleman on Freddy and Fitz Simmons on ESPN Radio. X 80. This was the zoo meeting. To end all zoom meetings in the Philippines. A government official was caught having Relations with his secretary. Have accidentally joining a zoom meeting with his colleagues in the Philippines. No. Yes, his video on Thiss man who shall remain nameless. Hey, Soos s still Yeah, he's not name was now his staff and the team of those Village Council and Kavita holds regular conference call Wednesday. He joined the meeting. But apparently he's still who's not exactly attacks. Every kind of person had mistakenly pushed the wrong button and let this camera on while the others began their discussion before the captain stood up and walked towards a woman seated on the sofa, a few steps away from the computer unknowingly, too. Hey, Susan, the woman they began getting this were on While they're stunned colleagues watched The one was later identified as his secretary, who also does the accounting for the local government office. Right.

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