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World powers have started 1/4 round of high level talks aimed at bringing the United States back into a landmark nuclear deal with Iran. Both sides suggested a resolution was possible. But major stumbling blocks remain as delegates resumed their discussions in Vienna today live from the Bloomberg Interactive Brokers Studios. This is global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists. Analysts more than 120 countries, Michael Barr, and this is Bloomberg. Tom, Paul. Michael Byron. Thanks so much greatly appreciate that, Paul Sweetie, I think we've got to talk about the elephant in the room, which is the shift today to NASDAQ out performance where we go back to growth Penis because we're not going to see a normalization, the economy and normalization of Fed policy. Which benefits value and cyclical. I mean, that's that's the strategy reports the research reports We're gonna see coming out Monday. Yeah, that's exactly right, Tom. It's a good point, because we've seen those cyclical names. That rotation trade that's been working so well in these markets really, since it's call it September of last year's people. Bet on this reopening on debt's been such a great trade for so many investors here and and actually, some of the big tech names Tom the Amazons. The apples of the world that have been the stalwarts of this market really over the last dozen years or so they've actually performed a little bit this year. But again Ah lot of folks we had somebody on from Genesis yesterday, saying Nope, We're sticking with those big names. Growth will come back to the fore. They don't think that that rotation trade has the legs. Not necessarily. So that's kind of where I think people are trying to trying to figure out How long do I stick with some of these cyclical names with it? Whether it's the financials or the energy names or the industrials that have been such a really nice trade here on this, reopening the limit of push and pull their I don't have any wisdom on the two year yield. It's been trending certainly above 0.15%. And, you know, plunges the right word. It plunges back to where it was middle of March. Maybe early April. We get back to 0.1369 all you need, you know, folks, That's not the The gloom of 0.10 that we saw in February of this year, I should say, but that's one of the tea leaves were watching here. Green on the screen with the Dow up 71 points of Vicks comes in even more 18. 0.8 truly.

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