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News. King urologists Aaron Christians beheaded to our Wednesday temps starting in the mid seventies, but will want to the upper eighties by the afternoon. Watch for mostly cloudy skies. Bring us a fifty percent chance for showers. Right. Six o'clock in the afternoon. Chance for rain broths thirty percent Wednesday night into Thursday. This is focused news, traffic, and severe weather station. News talk eight fifty d Mt. L. They connected. It's Red Eye Radio. Gary McNamara and Eric Harley talk about everything from politics to social issues and news of the day, whether Europe late or just starting your day, welcome to the show from a pilot flying j studios. This is Red Eye Radio. All across America. Eight six six ninety redeye he is Eric Harley and I'm Gary McNamara. Thanks so much for being here this morning. Across the world. How dare you? I'll cross the world. Yeah. Because we can be podcast across the world American everyone. Twenty four seven yes. There. It is from the Washington Examiner. This is what we're dealing with nearly three fourths of Democrats. Don't know what Medicare for all actually is. All right. Let's all right. Good night. We're going on drive safely..

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