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You know I root for you and I root for your family and your awesome family. You're awesome. Wife you're awesome kids I am a huge Kate Warner Fan at. This weekend Saturday. I'm all about the mustache kid the walk on who's got the seon his chest. Now I am so proud of him and I cannot route harder for Kate Warner on Saturday. I appreciate it us. He's amazing young man and pretty cool to see you know from walk onto captain as you said. It'd be out there starting in the horseshoe It's the best draw the first game of the year you gotTa, you gotta be everybody and I'll be in my hotel room in la cheering him on not gonNA be able to go to this one but be cheering on and so it's GonNa be fun theme out there. You know hopefully they can do. Some damage and help your wolves a little bit. I will be on the same zoom as you rooting just as hard for your son but probably a little less since he's not my son I'm sure you'll be through the roof I'm very excited for you, and again that see on his chest means so much I'm sure him and Youtube congratulations on that. Appreciate it take yourself. Kurt thanks for the call. Kurt Warner. Kate Warner. Walk on. He's got the C. on his chest in the horseshoe tomorrow baby so That is it's a couple of things that he said that I wanNA. I WanNa hit on about what it was like back in two thousand four and that decision that conflict made that they how about that Kurtz? Like, Hey, you got to go out there and say it's still allies team. Imagine that's the. Imagine right. We'll take a break eight, four, four, zero, four, rich number to dial. We're back you're on the rich Eisen show your phone calls at eight, four, four, two, four, Rich Commissioner Rob Manfred. Become. Old Spice now has below deck a new line of products for your well.

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