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So as I said, part of what this whole thing stems from recusals decision, which was the exercise of sound legal judgment. And I think that what what that does is makes attorneys who are doing their jobs, trying to exercise judgment, feel that the president now is. After them, it's it's. It's like an indictment of them of sorts for doing their jobs because at the end of the day, yes, Jeff, such as a political appointee, but he's been criticized not for stepping beyond the bounds. Now you can disagree with the Powell's ended, and certainly I would raise policy disagreements with Jeff Sessions. But if the question is the exercise of his duties as an attorney, I think that necessarily calls into question what the president thinks or believes about the men and women. One hundred thirteen thousand one hundred eighteen thousand men and women at the Justice department. All right, me Rocca and Elliot Williams. Thank you both nephews. The long list of Trump scandals unfolding in plain sight, including the horrifically disastrous response to the hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, which we now know left nearly three thousand Americans debt. What is your? What is your death count? As of this moment? Seventeen. Sixteen sixteen people certified sixteen people versus in the thousands. You can be very proud of all of your people. All of our people working together sixteen versus literally thousands of people. Remember that list. We told you about last night. The one being circulated by Republicans, previewing investigations, Democrats launch. If they take over the house, it's a very long list which was no doubt intended to strike fear into the heart of Republicans, but which actually just reads as a list of things that -absolutely should be investigated. If features, broad categories like family separation policy and come to think of it at this very moment more than a month after federal judges deadline over five hundred children remain separated from their families, what is going to happen to them? We generally don't know, and that's worth looking into another item on that list. Hurricane response, Puerto Rico up until this month, the official death count as a result of hurricane. Maria was sixty four people. But according to a new study out today commissioned by the Puerto Rican government, almost three thousand people died in the five months after Maria hit the wild. Understated, death toll by this ministration has not been the subject of any major, sustained congressional investigation, and that also seems worthy of a little looking into. And now tonight we have another scandal, Republicans may want to add the list it has to do with the president is days directly intervening in the development of the FBI building, which happens to sit across the street from the Trump International hotel in DC. Join me explain this Jonathan O'Connell reported Washington Post who's been covering Donald Trump's interest. When might even say session the FBI building for years has new piece out this week on the subject and an Weisman chief counsel for the citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington also known as all right, Jonathan. My basic understanding here is the FBI had a big redevelopment plan ready to go. They're gonna move the headquarters out somewhere the Khyber put on it. And the question is, did the president do it right? I think that's a part of Chris. Yeah. I mean for ten years, the FBI and the General Services Administration I've been working on. Plan to build a secure campus for the FBI in the Washington suburbs, a place where you know, you cannot drive a car bomb or commit some other horrible act on the FBI where they are downtown and there's sort of been a a real u-turn recently, the Trump administration part of that, I think is the FBI deciding that maybe they want to remain downtown and part of it is the president taking a personal interest in this project..

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