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The most independent Pakistani woman needs a husband Pakistan after all is a strong patriarchy Benazir might have been a romantic, but few men were willing to data firmly. Friend Java Java most men who might otherwise have been eligible for retention would themselves greatly inhibited by the statue of the person. And all the baggage that she can. So a marriage was arranged with a man from a minor landowning family. His name Asif Ali Dari. I talked to him about meeting Benazir. How many times did you meet her for you? Once you've reduced in Karachi, and then we made for about a week. But only in in our Dodoma -nology escorting billion in the ankles and everybody else goes out with you. And you you're allowed to look at each other talk to each other. But never be alone. Engaged. I changed your life. And it's fun. My life just changed my life. It's my life. In one thousand nine hundred eighty eight a year after the nuptials zero hark died in a plane crash for Benazir Bhutto. It was a huge relief. It wasn't just you know, the fifty s. Father right throughout the. Lived under the shadow of that not only my family but other than. Are committed to democracy. We never knew what would happen at seven. Jesse? Unbelievable. Dire threat that we had lived under that it's actually gone..

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