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Billion dollars what amazing run what an amazing job this fellow michael jeffries was doing this was the foresight however of the found leslie wexner of limited but the concept an execution the genius of michael jeffries showed through by two thousand seven revenue exceeded three point seven billion in annual sales from a former bankrupt store brooke crombie was amazing and win global then new launches were sensational european kids would now have access to the brand asian kids could now be long russian children would where their form of america a n a jesse what are you thinking you remember we went to paris where they enough it's a great point so we ask we were walking in paris in on the sean deely say we're all the shops are or walking down and we see a line i around the block mean really around the block so many people were there and they're for this building that looks like an embassy in you i remember you you always do this yours go to the front of the line you asked and you go to the front of the line you asked the guard that's there he said what what is this a museum an embassy because now the abercrombie fitch store and you and i looked at each other like while while well let's go by the stock this is something really special panel lewis more special than when you think of the flagship in new york city although forget or even go there now they're rubes sleeping in this new world rupture curving around people aligned to get in there's just too many people wanting to get in there are more tourists the wanna see it then you can have space for but you know what's amazing about that story i remember working in the first time in booking it looks like showcase aces it looks like a museum it looks like murals it's fashions sistine chapel and the lighting is what made it even more brilliant it's dark in there who makes it brilliant all the merchandise is lit up the spotlights the strobe so focused on the merchandise this is a brilliant idea noone had been duped before forget by counters forgive my walls forget i pictures look at the merchandise this was the work of genius this discussion tonight is about everyone being replaced civil or ave two thousand eight began with a recession that has retailed into two thousand seventeen in this no sign of leading up problems and fashion and luxury have hit.

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