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Let's move. Seven muscle bus. That's check it out. But no complaints of what you're saying. Yeah, suddenly with your wife. Really? What? The dealio. When I beat my kids, I'll do my duty. Oh, I'm up in the public telling the studio wanted finally, baby. Really, truly. Um, Amanda Dillon, Julio. He moody. Oh, Slappy with Giulio. Real ships get the death. Absolutely, you know, except looking shorty. She could leave the TV or the way she said. They make me wanna ggo in the booty, Yo, tax. It's just into thinking this is and videos. It must feel like we have been the freak shells. Could you with this make you feel it all in your toes? That's got all my people in black clothes down on my mental force. Enough for my late my flows. If you don't know you're messing with the record player pro like 40 ft. Jack for me. Hold your hand from my house to see the place to party. Movies with your job for me. I'm quitting your hands with my high Stasi quick bucks Following in the place to be if you really wanna party between things Audrey Trust there was so much that you heard the first year we murdered rests on other people's lives. Wondering in the cure we Yes. Let me get my gift with so mysterious here we get to Metropolis every years. Shut up, walking around seriousness, baby, like, be the one to be hearing. This gotta listen to charity. You'll be playing this 30 time. I think you're making delivery. Yes. Thing on the menu area. It was funny How one of the chickens be always serving that son looking between the end when they want to carry us. It's a good thing the head them off with a Leah's various chickens They want to marry. You was flip mode, you stupid. You know, we've got the bus seven. Think of money the label for 10. I like the dust instead of you making the first people know better because there ain't no comparing us, man. You know better be fabulous people with the flow that be marvelous. Whole clique, Victoria years taking no prisoners with a straight up or were you when I feel it in the beginning, so glory years, the middle. It's a memento from my people Nuts over here. Look what the hands with my ass to feed straight bucks Island in the place to be if you really wanna party between us. 29 ft. Let's go to line six and talk to Kevin out of Winston Salem, North.

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