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Proprietary pryatta package software business that we had come from and so you have things like community version with an enterprise version in that enterprise reprise version was sold as a proprietary license under a proprietary license and that's in called the open core model that became the most prevalent model again which is a little bit weird given that the one company that showed that you could make a ton of money in open source was red hat going for again this pure play model and people can quibble about whether how pure it was a relatively pure model and since then we've had various iterations on open core but not so much on that original red hat model of one on percents open-source if if i could <hes> make a comment there one of the interesting things about that i think is that because red hat was was lennox and by far the most successful business at lenox one of the reasons that people were wondering whether that could be replicated elsewhere all swear as opposed to open core which was more the route people were taking for different kinds of software is that red hat had this enormous product base right because it was dealing with lenox which was the absolute killer app of of free software in other businesses. It was not quite as obvious you could do things at a tremendous scale like red hat. Now i think i think people are starting to moderate their views on that but for a long time people would say something like there's only one red hat what they meant by that was not not just in the lennox space but that that business model was you know was not necessarily what people expected to replicate in other sort adam software markets so there are many different areas of open source business that we could explore and you know when i think about the the timeline of milestones from those early days of red hat and perhaps my sequel to today i think about companies like spring and spring source and eventually pivotal which where you have kind of a services model around a core open source business and then you have some other adjacent cities that come out of the services plus open source model you know we've also seen the rise of the hosted cloud offering <hes> we've seen the rise is of the hoodoo p- vendors but i think the area that i'd like this conversation to focus on for a variety of reasons that will become emergent is open source database models and when i say database i'm using that term quite loosely. I'm talking about both database.

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