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To deploy as many as 150 federal agents to Chicago This week. He's publicly criticized the city for its handling of violent crime. But it remains unclear what exactly the agents would be sent here to do. Mayor like Foot said she's completely opposed to the action, wrote in a letter to the president yesterday what she believes the city needs to dio. To curtail criminal activity. The parents of a former Notre Dame freshmen or suing the university after their son was severely injured. Shaun Tenant of Gurney felt 30 feet last year from a second floor winding stair. Well, toe a concrete basement floor inside the dorm Sauron Hall. Parents say that the dorm condone to quote quasi fraternity atmosphere. Intendant survived the fall, but suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him with catastrophic decline in neuro, cognitive and functional abilities. Suit alleges his injuries were avoidable, but they've also accused Notre Dame of negligence. And if you were planning a trip to the Bahamas think again, the islands are banning Americans from visiting as of tomorrow. Prime Minister, Dr Hubert Minnis said in response to the rising Corona virus cases count around the country not safe for Americans to travel to the Bahamas. WG in sports. Now White Sox host the Milwaukee Brewers tomorrow. It will be an exhibition baseball game for Game 6 35 1st pitch with Andy and deejay at 7 10 on 7 20 W g. N Cubs will take on the Twins tomorrow in a tune up game as well. Your money on W. G. N The Dow is up 311 points so far today, the NASDAQ is down 50 but the S and P 500 is up 17 points. And right now it is 76 degrees in Waukegan, 76 Bartlett, 78 of midway, 73 on the lakefront at O'Hare 79 degrees I'm Jordan burnt field on Chicago's very own 7 20 W. G. N played in a drizzle last night. Too bad they're not playing right now, and it's also just going to be night is nice is about to see the Cubs and Sox play each other in those 1st 2 exhibition games. A city needed this. I guess the ratings were terrific. I don't know what they were for the radio. But the overnight on TV was good for the Sox Cubsgame. It'll be nice when they don't play each other because then we'll get to Chicago Baseball games. Particularly and I know you've done this Jordan. When you look at the cubs and socks schedules, they look like they look like pony league schedules they do. I had as many games when I was 16 years old in July and August as the Cubs do, and the White Sox too, or just about I mean, you played about every day. You played a doubleheader on weekends. Cubs don't even do that. And that was just your baseball scheduled July in August, and that's what it is. Now. It's just weird to look at its very weird..

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