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That major rivers like the Napa and Russian rivers could cross at some point tomorrow or Friday. Which could cause additional problems? But so far, it's just a tough one on the folks driving around out there right now, we've seen several reports on Twitter of roads flooded. But we think we have not seen any reports of water into homes or buildings at this time. We have heard some rescues have taken place along north bay roadways where vehicles have gotten stop. Napa river is forecasted reached flood stage tomorrow morning, which could lead to flooding in the lower downtown area. A storm has led to massive delays and cancellations of bay area airports, nearly one hundred flights have been canceled at SF, oh, there are delays of up to three hours. At least ten flights have been canceled at Oakland international. San francisco. Fire Commissioner Joe Elliott, oh Veronese is going to bat for firefighters at station forty nine in an effort to get their beloved cat. Back alley iota tells ABC seven that he doesn't buy the department's reason for making the team get rid of EDNA the cat because of a policy not allowing animals on the property. He's presenting a proposal today to revise station policy to allow animals EDNA has been living at the station for more than four years until an anonymous complaint prompted the captain to ask EDNA to be removed to the dismay of workers. Her story has since captured the hearts of the world on Instagram with more than thirty thousand followers. Go EDNA fifteen years after it landed on the red planet Nasr's longest running Rover has been declared dead moment of silence for effect the Mars Rover project director Marquel. Scientists sent more than a thousand commands to try and reach the opportunity Rover before calling the mission complete even though it's a machine. Gene. And we're saying goodbye, it's still very hard and very poignant. But we had to do that. We came to that point..

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